Things You Will Not Find On My Blog

I would like to share a few things which you would not see on the blog. I was in a dilemma whether to share this or not. But then I thought, what the heck, just do it.
A very important thing for all my readers that im not size zero(you can see that), neither am I size 4 nor am I size 8!!!! And I am very well aware of the fact. And if you are looking for a gal who looks like a model then sorry fellas you are at the wrong place.
In almost every post, you will see me wearing flats. Not that I don’t like them. They look sexy and I love them. But I feel uncomfortable in them. For me comfort comes before any damn thing. There are several other reasons as to why I don’t wear heels. I don’t want to look taller (I have my reasons. seriously!!).
I do not have nay photographer friend. Neither do I have a DSLR. So the pictures will definitely not be breathe taking. Though I wish someone could take amazing pictures with their amazing camera. (sad life). As you know im a new blogger, I am shy to get out of my hostel and get pictures clicked. So you might have to bear pictures showing footwear and  pillows and such silly stuffs. But I shall try my best to put better pictures with better ambience and quality. Pinky promise.
Frankly I wish I could show big designer brands like CHANEL and GUCCI and BURBERRY. But im a student and I do not have the luxury to but that kind of stuff though I cannot express the amount of love I have for them. You will see high street brands, some thrifted stuff. Its going to be a mixture of stuffs and I hope you like the way I style them.
So these are the few things which people would not find on my blog. But I wish I grow with time and become a better blogger every day and you have a pleasant time reading my blog and enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying writing it. I never knew it could be so great to blog. Need your constant love and support. Happy reading.

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                                                                   Love, Sindhu

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  1. Vrinda Gupta

    I just dont want to like and comment on your blogs but be a part of your shopping as well…. love your collection and your blog more …. πŸ™‚



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