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“I am not FAIR, but i’m lovely!”

The country’s obsession with fair complexion has been there forever. And I don’t see a change in this mentality in the near future. We have been brought up in an environment where being fair is termed being beautiful and it’s considered to be the most superior quality a woman could posses. And no please let’s not think that it’s just the case with the uneducated and people in remote areas or the traditional families have this point of view. It’s the educated people, the ones who study from premier institutes like IIM & IIT too have this mentality. Now that they are so well qualified, they deserve a fair, thin, tall & beautiful girl. That’s what they slogged their asses off. Believe me, I have done my research.
And it’s not just the men. We women, we demean other women. We too give in to this hula-hoop of being fair and beautiful and objectify women. We want to get  fair, our mothers want us to have fair complexions, else we would end up with a bad spouse. Yes my mother feels and believes and is rightful in thinking that my complexion is directly proportional to me finding a good spouse and my married life. My education from a premier institute, my personality,my work is all nothing but a waste. I’m not a good marriage material because I’m not fair. My mother and my sister are ‘blessed’  with fair complexions. They wonder why am I the ‘unfortunate’ one. What possible wrong or sin my parents would have committed to be punished like this.
No I am not playing a victim here, neither am I portraying my parents as villains. They have given me a beautiful life and the courage and education to speak up and write this. I am just a simple girl like you. I’m writing this on behalf of the girls who go through this situation in their daily lives. This issue is not big or small. But it definitely is a psychological issue.
This is a long battle. Almost seems like never ending. You cannot change people. But you can change yourself. And no by changing yourself I don’t mean you need to go under cosmetic treatments(although there is no harm in it, it’s a personal choice), I mean is that you don’t need anybody’s validation. You have to change your perception about yourself. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m not fair. But I’m lovely!”. You have to have the courage to say “I am tanned, I’m brown and this is my skin colour. Deal with it”. Don’t let anybody, not even your family to bring you down. Value yourself. It’s the only way you can make the opposite person realise your worth and look beyond your physical appearance. My skin colour doesn’t define me, it doesn’t represent the struggles I have been through, it has nothing to do with who I am. It’s just a part of my body and it’s an important part. I might as well embrace it.
Stay strong, love others and be kind.


Leave your past behind

Hey you lovely people. The title gives an image of a post that would contain ramblings. But it’s an outfit post with a few ramblings ofcourse. This is my first post featuring pictures from my Malaysian vacation in September. My friend gave me a very good advice while I was leaving for the trip. She said leave your past in Malaysia when you return. This is the best advice anyone has ever given me. That’s what vacations are about right? To leave behind the past and come back with new and exciting memories and experiences.

So my last stop before we left Malaysia was a visit to this beautiful place built to look like it’s France. It’s built in the outskirts of the country at the hills. It’s near Genting Highlands. My love for France is eternal, and while me actually going to France is a distant dream, this was more than enough for me. The place was beautiful with pavements and cafes and parisian windows. Oh I had the yummiest chocolate tart ever. There’s a pic below. It’s a really beautiful place and a must visit. Do not, do not come back without going to this place if ever you go to Malaysia. I wore my AND by Anita Dongre tunic as a Cape. I dint even know I was going to this place and my outfit was just apt for it. So yay! Have a look.

Outfit Details:

Tunic as Cape – AND by Anita Dongre
Leggings –  Mango
Shoes- Topshop
Sling bag – Zara
Sunglasses- shopnineteen.in
Necklaces – shop in malaysia


Pondicherry- Day 1

Hola chicas. If you have been following me on twitter and instagram, you would know that I was vacationing in Pondicherry (now known as Puducherry) . I had posted a few pictures and said a few things about my trip. But im gonna blog my entire trip dividing it into days. And a special post listing the do’s and dont’s of the trip.
So we decided to go to Pondicherry by car. It takes about 5 hours from Erode (my hometown) to reach Pondicherry via car. We left in the morning and reached by afternoon and immediately had lunch there. We stayed at Club mahindra big beach resort. Its a huge property with cottages kinda rooms and the best part is they have the private beach. So we decided to take rest for some time and then thought of seeing the beach. We got dressed up and headed to the beach. It was so different. It was deserted and clean and peaceful and beautiful! I have been brought up in Chennai so for me beach was not something new. But pondicherry beaches are different! If peace is what you want, then pondicherry is the place for you. We spent some quality time there, clicked a few pictures and returned as they close the entry to the beach after 6:30 due to safety concerns. My sister, my cousin and myself dint want to waste a minute and then headed to the pool.  Spent some time there and left super hungry. We again got dressed up and left to the Pondicherry city for dinner. We returned back tired and dosed off! That was day 1 for you!
Wait as I blog about my entire stay in Pondicherry.
Entering the resort (Club Mahindra Big beach resort)
Our beautiful room
My sis, My cousin and yours truly!
That’s my dad!
Beach posing
Sakshi Kiran Sindhu
Thats what I wore at night for dinner

Let’s know her better: Shreya Kalra from www.ftlofaot.com

Hey you lovely people. Without wasting time in my stupid random convo let’s get to business.(ya right!). I hope you are not dumb and understood that the post is basically a casual interview of the blogger Shreya Kalra. (sorry to those whom I referred to as dumb.you know how I am.) I have been following blogs since years and I wouldn’t be bluffing if I said I have been following Shreya’s blog since the begining. She is a diva, a lawyer, a writer and a reader. Her blog reflects her personality. I love her style and confidence.There are so many things I know about this beautiful lady, but there were some I needed to know and moreover I wanted to share it with you guys. I wanted to show that blogging in India has become a big deal and we ought to appreciate the ones who have worked their a** off and have become successful indian bloggers.

So here you go. Let’s know her better.

Sindhu Gupta: Congratulations on your recent milestone Shreya. How does it feel?

Shreya Kalra:

Thank you so much. It sure feels amazing, most naturally. the fulfilling part of it is however, the emails, messages and comments that urge me to keep doing what I do.
SG: You have attended a lot of blogger events. Few of the interesting ones were the Suneet Verma styling competition and your project with ‘The Mill’. Does it help to be a part of these events? You feel collaborations are good for a blogger?
I love the concept of blogger events and collaborations. I just believe in associating with brands that I personally approve of and relate to, in order to not misled my readers or their buyers. Its also essential that as a blogger I get the right amount of benefits from a collaboration so most collaborations are based on these two ideologies. Blogger events, again I personally think are fun and a great way to meet and network with fellow fashion folks from the industry. As far as blogger events also go, I usually attend those which I find extremely interesting and I feel that inclinations towards attending. It definitely helps in so far as meeting , socializing and sometimes even recognition is concerned.
SG: I believe you are working with Creative Marketing Fix. But we know you have a degree in law. How did this happen? We bloggers would like to know how you pursued  a career in fashion even though you are a lawyer.Did you use your blog as your portfolio?
I am working with Creative Marketing Fix and it is true that my graduation is in the field of law and I worked as a lawyer for a year before making this change. However it was not all that sudden considering I have been doing freelance fashion writing for a number of fashion clients even through law school and of course  devoted a large part of my time and attention to my personal fashion blog. The final straw was the fact that I felt that this was my true calling and I need to at least give it a shot before I even discarded that idea. I’m happily writing and styling with CMF and doing freelance projects on the side and I feel supremely content. My blog was a part of my portfolio but not just my blog alone.

SG: Has your style and sense of fashion changed after you started blogging? Are you experimenting more and open to new ideas?
Most definitely, yes and yes. I have come a long way from blogging about what I felt safest wearing in terms of fashion choices to sporting tulle skirts with studded leather jackets (a la Carrie Bradshaw). I am definitely a lot more open to experimenting with different styles but I  think the basic structure of my styling and being remains the same as I am a girl’s girl.
SG: What is your take on Indian  blogosphere? Can you name your favourite Indian blogs?
The indian blogosphere is definitely witnessing what I call the big bang theory as you notice all bloggers taking off in different directions trying to establish a foothold of their own. I think that’s highly commendable but at the same time we are a relatively under-valued lot. We have a while to go before bloggers all over are recognized as a force to reclon with. Different blogs give me a different sense of fashion so in no particular order and I will probably miss quite a few that I cannot remember right now, Fashion Bombay( one of the first blogs that I loved and still do), Delhi Style Blog( sharp observational fashion commentary and quick wit), Purple Peeptoes (street style with a pinch of crazy), Manou ( street style with a soul), AJ( Adventurous personal style post), Republic of Chic( astute sense of fashion and design and I definitely miss her posts) from the top of my head.
SG: It was an overdose of serious questions. Let’s have some fun. Answer in one word. Ya ya like rapid fire. (I am such a cliche’)
I am definitely on Koffee with Karan 😀
SG- I am super embarrassed . **goes into hiding**. 😛
Dresses or Pants?
Indian bloggers or foreign bloggers?
Home is where the heart is. Indian.
Sonam or Deepika?
For the fashion girl in me, Sonam.
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Favourite cuisine?
Paperback or kindle?
Kindle. (Yes, I am a convert but I have my reasons)
Currently reading?
The Mockingjay. (final book of the hunger games series).
Shopping bags in hands or online shopping?
Currently, online shopping.
Sleepless in Seattle or Harry met Sally or Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
Breakfast at Tiffanys (its my comfort movie) Although I find all the three beyond adorable.
Thank you so much for appreciating my work and considering me worthy of an interview. 🙂
Editor’s note: Shreya thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions with so much details. It was more than expected,  I am deeply humbled. I have always loved your blog and will continue to do so. I hope you had fun as well.
You can all check Shreya’s blog – HERE . She is an amazing blogger and a stylist.
If you liked the interview or disliked it, please comment, I appreciate your comments.
Also if you want me to interview some other blogger, do let me know. I shall try my best to interview them for you. 
                                                                Much love,

Preconceived notions

Don’t we all have preconceived notions? I admit, I do. In fact all of us presume something or the other about a certain person or situation or a thing. It’s not that bad. It is human nature. But you know we need to draw a line. We need to stop assuming and make so many judgements even before knowing a certain thing. We see a person all smiling and cheerful and assume the person to be the happiest person alive. That’s completely fine. But moving a step forward and saying that the person who smiles a lot cannot have any pain, that’s preconceived notion! May be that person is just emotionally strong and deals with pain and pressure easily. That does not mean the person has a perfect life. Why do we assume these things.
When a girl dresses up really well, the girl is termed high maintenance. What if the things she is wearing is thrifted and not as expensive as you think. Just because a girl is wearing Western clothes, we assume that she is spoilt, bad and isn’t homely. This is just ridiculous! When will we think beyond this? When will we start accepting things the way they are and not assume things.
A recent incident in my life made me think this. I never knew facebook account could be used as your character certificate. This is just absurd and these things just irritate me. When will people mature and understand that its not always what you see. It may be the things you haven’t seen!

Be positive guys. There is already so much negativity in the world. Spread happiness and positive energy. Sayonara.