Pondicherry – Day 2

Hello guys. I hope you have read about DAY 1 of my trip. So we wanted to all touristy things on the second day of the trip. Also it was my sister’s birthday (Belated Happy Birthday!) so we wanted it to be productive. We had a lazy start to the day and head to the main city and reached there by around 12 noon.  The first thing we wanted to do was to visit the famous Ganesh temple and Sri Aurobindo Ashram (they are very close to each other). But there are timings which you need to keep in mind which we din’t! Also the Ashram is shut during lunch time. So we couldn’t go inside. So we decided to first have lunch and then look around a bit and then see the places. So after lunch dad dropped us to roam around. The manufacturing factory of HIDESIGN is located in Pondicherry, also they have a beautiful store there. We had to go there. Then we did some street shopping at Jawahar Lal Nehru street. They have decent stuff. We then head to Mission Street and let me tell you it’s the most beautiful place. The street is filled with French architectural houses and buildings. Its very clean. We were lucky the weather was good which made it look even more beautiful. There are a lot of shops there and you can buy very good stuff there. Almost a lot of shops were owned by the Ashram. I wanted to buy incense sticks and candles and head to one of their stores. It was beautiful and smelled like divine inside. My cousin picked up a beautiful candle stand and floating candles and I picked up bath soaps and candles. We finally went to the temple. And then we went to the ashram(Its Sri Aurobindo’s samadhi). The ashram is one peaceful place. What was more fascinating was the people’s devotion for Sri Aurobindo. People bowed and prayed with respect. The place is quiet and full of positive energy. I loved seeing how people can be so devoting and believe in peace and harmony. By the time we were done with all this, we were super tired and wanted to take some rest. We head back to our hotel and slept. At night we got all dressed up and had dinner at the resort’s restaurant (let me tell you that the menu for buffet that day was horrible and we ended up eating bad food!). After the bad dinner we just slept! That was day 2 for you.

Ganesh Temple
Sometimes you get lucky and get to see such a beauty

Outfit 1:

Skirt- Mango
Scraf- Sarojni Nagar
Bag- Zara
Footwear- Lifestyle
Outfit 2:
Top: Mnago
Leggings: Mango
Shoes: Zara