Sale Sale, baby! – Half off at Forum Vijaya Mall

4 letters. 1 magical word. Infinite emotions. Yes, I am talking about SALE! Let’s not deny the fact that our heart beat pumps up the moment we hear the word Sale. Our shopping needs might never be satisfied. But with the sale season on, we just have the perfect excuse to shop more.

I was stoked to know that Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai is hosting this super thing called ‘Half off sale’! How could I have stopped myself from going to the mall and shop my heart out. Double the things, half the price! I am sold! I rushed to my favourite childhood store, Lifestyle. Since I was a kid, I have been shopping from Lifestyle. It is a complete store which fulfils all my needs. Right from clothing to footwear, beauty to accessories, Lifestyle is the one stop shop for all your style needs.

The moment I entered the store, I was confused as to what to pick and what not to pick. I liked everything! And with such attractive prices, resisting myself was definitely difficult.

Since my style varies from my love for classic pieces  to Indian boho, I was happy to see the collection. The western section had loads of slogan tees, capes, summer dresses with prints ranging from geometric to floral. It was great to see denims at discounts. Since they are wardrobe staples, hoarding on them during sale is joyous. My favourite brand with absolutely great collection was CODE. Classic pieces, subtle colours and basic garments with style to sum up their collection. AND was another brand which I loved. My office wardrobe is sorted! Simple and elegant dresses and tunics were an essential part of the collection. To add that, their summer maxi dresses were also something that I loved.

Not like that wasn’t enough, I rushed to my favourite section of the store, the ethnic section! I have recently caught on this trend of wearing kurti as dresses. And my my, I felt like a kid in the candy store the moment I stepped into the section. A colourful spread with clothes fit for every occasion! Office wear, daily wear, party wear or casual wear, Lifestyle did not fail to surprise me.  My favourite brands when it comes to ethnic clothing are Melange, Global Desi and Biba.

Melange’s latest collection which is sort of boho and colourful yet subtle at the same time is right up my alley! Biba had some fantastic colourful pieces. This particular one I am wearing was a kurti which I’m wearing like a dress. Add some white sneakers and you have the perfect girl-next-door look! This kurta when worn with leggings can be a perfect wear for work or even a visit to the temple. Remember it’s all about recycling your wardrobe.

Is shopping even complete without shoes? Not at all! Wedges, platforms, slingbacks, sandals, flats and sneakers and what not, all at 50% off! A shoe lover like me couldn’t stop from picking those tan flatforms. They were super comfortable as well as stylish. The tan colour makes it a wardrobe staple. I even picked up a few accessories. Since gold is the colour that pretty much goes with every outfit, I picked up this beautiful and elegant choker set. I also liked the boho jewellery collection.

One bold decision changed my life ~ #BeBoldForChange

unnamed (1)

How many times in your life have you stopped yourself from doing something that you love? I’m guessing you would say most of the time. I have too! I have curbed my wishes, passion, dreams and desires due to reasons that go beyond explanation. Did that make me happy? No! I did not realise the fact that stopping myself from doing things I longed for did not serve any purpose. I honestly never thought about the fact that I could be harming myself. I did not have a very great childhood. I was a curvy girl who was supposed to have a fair skin tone(cos north Indian!) but ended up with dusky complexion. Can you imagine how difficult your childhood years can be when you are overweight? You are not only stereotyped about things you should or should not do, but in actuality there were things that you couldn’t do. I stopped myself from enjoying on the swing set thinking it might break because of my weight. It started there. At that tender age. My insecurities took birth then and grew everyday with me. My teenage years were not only filled with comments on my weight and colour, I had acne too to accompany me. Now I was not only given weight loss tips, but skin care tips followed them too. This continued and still continues.
 A person like me, who in the eyes of society is the opposite of pretty decided to be a part of an industry that patronizes people like me! The fashion industry. I cannot tell you the amount of courage I had to gather to start my blog. I had to be bold and courageous and take that leap of faith. I had this urge to follow my passion and be a part of something I really wanted to. Was it easy? Not at all! Is it easy now? No way! Do people really appreciate a curvy fashion blogger? Who are we kidding, absolutely not! But I am bold enough to accept the fact that I am different from others. I am not in denial about myself. I made myself aware about me being different from others and accepted myself. It was a bold step for me to dress up, put my make up on and stand in the middle of the street and get my pictures clicked! Yes, I did it! It might be very easy for others, but for me, doing that small thing in itself was an achievement. I won the day I decided to change my attitude towards myself.
I do certain small things that I generally stop myself from doing. I always wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted front bangs for myself. This seems stupid and small, but to convince myself to do that was very difficult. What will my parents say,  will it make me look fat, will I look like a child. The thoughts were endless! One day, I just took off for the salon in the middle of the  day and got myself the hair I wanted! And boy did I feel good and liberated! I just did what I wanted to do. The compliments were endless. This is just a small example. I do such small things everyday to feel motivated.
People come up to me and say, for your body you are very confident. Yes, that is a compliment. But it is no less than telling a differently-abled person that you are doing good for the situation you are in. But I let go of such thoughts and keep myself positive and look at the brighter side of things.
People will come and tell you things, advice you. But they don’t know your journey. They don’t know anything about your life, your insecurities. You are the best judge of your life. Decide what you want in life and work your a** off to achieve it. There is no substitute for hard work. You cannot blame the hurdles of society or your insecurities. Nobody cares about your struggles. Be bold enough to  face anything that comes your way. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and accept you the way you are. You are one decision away from being happy. I took one bold decision at a time. Are you bold enough to take that decision?
Share your story with me. I would love to read them. Happy Women’s Day!

Me and Nature ft. Banjara’s

Take care of nature and nature will take care of you. This philosophy incorporated by Banjara’s couldn’t be truer! This phrase made me ponder upon the endless ways we need the beauty of nature and how we are being ignorant about the fact that we are destroying it every moment by some way or the other. Everything surrounding us has harsh chemicals which are no good for us. Our food is adulterated, water is dirty, air is impure and the products which we use are unnatural.

Amidst all these artificial things, a brand like Banjara’s comes in like a breath of fresh air. I have been using their products for quite some time now and even though I am collaborating with the brand, I wouldn’t be lying when I say that I completely loved whatever I used. I started using the multani mitti pack some time ago and the results were exactly what I expected. A natural solution to skin problems! I have a very sensitive skin and harsh chemicals causes breakouts, pigmentation and scars on my face. But Banjara’s being natural, works well on my skin. I have to say that the product might work slow, but that is a price I am willing to pay. Also, it is essential to take proper care after using any pack or product on your face. If certain small things are taken care of, it is best to stick to herbal and ayurvedic products like Banjara’s. They have a range of face packs, hair oil, hair packs and face wash which cater to all your skin woes.


The cherry on the cake is the fact that Banjara’s is a cruelty-free brand. They do not test their products on animals. So I don’t know if it’s safe for your dogs or not, it sure as hell is safe for you guys (That is if  you are not an animal :P)!

If you still don’t believe me, you can try them yourself! For free! You can register HERE for free samples of their products.

Let’s keep it natural!



Dineout GIRF – A paradise for foodies


Food is and will always be the thing that everybody loves and connects with. We are happy? We eat! We are sad? We eat! We are stressed? We eat! Basically food is the answer to every question, every emotion.  If you follow me on my social media channels, (If not, why not?! You can follow me on instagram HERE, Facebook- HERE) you would have seen that I am among one of the top 5 fashion bloggers of Chennai. It was a great feeling and I had to celebrate this joyous occasion. And to my happiness, Dineout was hosting GIRF (Great Indian Restaurant Festival). What’s that?

DINEOUT is an app which is basically a directory of restaurants with menus, photos and reviews. What makes it better than other food apps? It facilitates table booking, payment via app and to top it all, they have great offers at best of the restaurants and many cashback offers. They are hosting GIRF in February for about 10 days. They curated offers at best of the restaurants in your city and made food more exciting. They had flat 50% off on food bills to set menus at discounted prices. What’s more? If you paid via the app, you got cashback, which just meant, more and more food.

I had to give in and indulge in some yummulicious food and celebrate my success with my family. It was like everything was in place. I had heard about Moti Mahal Tandoori trail from a friend and wanted to try out the food there. Honestly, I was excited about the decor and was very excited to visit the place but I didn’t expect much from the food. Partly because I am a vegetarian and secondly, Chennai has really bad north india, mughlai food. But boy was I wrong! I had one of the best dinners in Chennai.



IMG_1807 IMG_1813





We ordered for paneer malai tikka, paneer makhni, dal makhni, vegetable dum biriyani and breads. Let me start by saying that the paneer tikka stole our hearts. It was soft and yummy and marinated perfectly and grilled to perfection. The chutney that was served with the tikka was the perfect companion for the paneer tikka. Paneer that melts in mouth, literally! The meal followed by main main course. I need not rave more about the paneer, will definitely add that the gravy of paneer makhni was flavourful and reminded me of my days in Delhi. Dal makhni was well simmered and cooked with lots of butter (Living up to the name, ‘makhni’). We finished our dinner with biriyani. Truth be told, we were full even before we could finish the biriyani. This pretty much gives you an insight about the quantity of food. But the biriyani smelled and looked delicious and was calling our names. We had to dig in to it! Let me put this straight, we did not leave a grain of rice behind. We were in a state of foodgasm.

While we all raved about the food, the bill came in. No, that did not wipe the smiles off our face. In fact we were extremely happy to see the bill. Our bill was about 1500 INR and since we had taken the flat 50% off on the food bill deal, we paid 750 INR approx. Are you kiddin’ me! Just 750 bucks for so much of food. The ambiance, the service, the food, everything was perfect.

If you thought, Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail, Anna Nagar Chennai is not the place for you because you are a vegetarian, you are wrong buddy. A good menu with delicious food is calling your name.

Rating :

Menu – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4.75/5

Service – 3/5

Quality – 4/5

Quantity – 4.5/5

Taste – 4.75/5

Will I revisit?

I already visited the place again and made my friends buy the deal and made sure they try the food from that place.

Thank you Dineout for a great experience. Guys, you need to download the app now! I am in love with this app. Trust me, you won’t regret it.





Review ~ Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Care Range

I spent a good amount of my childhood with my grandparents. Which meant loads of pampering and even more love and care. I remember my grandma giving me a natural and ayurvedic solution for so many problems, right from my hair to my cold. And one thing my grandma was very possessive about, was my hair. She was against using shampoo because of the harsh chemicals present in them. I must admit that I am genetically blessed with good hair. But it requires a lot of care to maintain the hair. So to keep my hair healthy, she used to make a powder of amla, reetha and shika kai for my hair. These are the key ingredients for a soft, silky and strong hair. It was a task to find these ingredients and mix them in correct proportion and finally make it useable. But she made sure I only use natural products on my hair. My heart sinks when I say that my grandma is no more with me. With her, my hair care routine was gone too! My hair had lost its shine and texture. Pollution and constant running doesn’t help either.

But recently I discovered a new hair care range from Banjara’s, called the Samvridhi Hair Care Range. It consists of hair oil and hair pack. The Samvridhi Hair Oil is an amalgamation of several Ayurvedic Herbs in sesam and coconut oil. A classic combination for a strong and healthy hair! The other ingredients are Olive Oil, Bhringraj, Amla, Japa, Henna, Aritha, Shikakai, Brahmi, Neem, Methi, Pippali. A hair oil ‘champi’ has been, is and shall always be the solution for all hair problems. And if you have a hair oil with all the above ingredients, it sure will create magic! Like it did to my hair. My hair has regained its sheen. I also noticed a difference in my hair fall. My hair fall problems have reduced.

I also tried the Samvridhi hair pack. And I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I felt a part of my childhood returned. It has the same ingredients that my grandma used for my hair pack. It also smelt the same! And  boy did it leave my hair looking gorgeous? The best part is I don’t have to use a shampoo after using the pack. The natural cleansers in the pack work their magic! I would like to call this pack ‘Grandma 2.0’. It has everything that my grandma did for my hair, without the hassles of making it. The only concern I had with the product is that it left my hair a little dry. But my hair looked amazing the next day. So if you have dry ends, I would suggest you to use the product a day before any big event.


Expectation vs Reality – 4.5/5

Quantity – 3/5

Pricing – 3.5/5

Availability – 4/5, you can find them online HERE

Will I repurchase – Yes

Overall I absolutely loved the product. A person like me who goes out everyday, has to have her hair on point! Greasy hair is a big no-no. This product actually did make my hair look gorgeous and since it’s full of natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, the risk of my hair getting damaged has reduced to a great extent. In this day and age where we are surrounded by products that are filled with bad chemicals, it is nice to see such a good product with natural ingredients. Hence, I would recommend this product to all of you.