Old soul stuck in the millennial world!

She’s an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.
― Nicole Lyons

I am sitting in my office in Bangalore. Surrounded by 200 people, yet alone. Unbothered, unaffected. Everyone’s making Friday night plans, leaving office early. Just waiting to go drink, have some fun, take a break. And I sit there and wonder, what do these people need a break from? Only 10 among 100 even contribute to household chores, work 5 days a week and most of us do not have family responsibilities, happily shop online and spend their salaries on meaningless things. I wondered if that’s the reason they needed a break? It just felt bizarre to me. Almost everyone was the same. Why am I feeling differently? Have you also felt like that? Like it’s not that the place you don’t belong to, it’s the people you don’t belong to kinda feeling? And I have constantly seen myself feeling like this. Do you feel this way too?

Well I did not belong to the neither the place nor the people. Clearly! But there are times when I feel I do not even belong to this era. While the world is fast and moving on so quickly, I stand stagnant wondering about so many things. If not for my anxiety, I even try to enjoy the moment. I try not to use my cell phone when I am with my friends and cousins and even encourage them not to do so. My dearest and loveliest cousin, Shaily says, “Aap buddhe ho gaye ho!”, which translates to, “you have become old!”. Now I wonder, have I become old or am I just old school? I personally think it’s the latter. Don’t mistake my personality for a nosy aunty. I am a modern girl with ambitions and dreams and I am forward thinking. But I, if not always but often find old-school influences in things I do.


For instance look at this outfit. I love love love vintage fashion. Retro style is my favourite. There was glamour, style and more importantly representation of a certain era. I had seen polka dots making a comeback, especially these large one. Very rarely does my personal style resonate with the trends. This particular one, was right up my alley! Now big prints are a big no-no for a big girl like me. That’s a lot of bigs in a sentence. But let’s just move on. So even though this is not the best thing for my body, I went ahead and bought this nylon polka dotted  rust brown dress. But I made sure that it cinches at the waist so it adds definition to my body and enhances my curves. It snugs at the hip and looks flattering on my body since I got some booty poppin’!

I chose this really tiny pink handbag which sort of looks like a small Hermes bag to add that pop of colour. I love these big gold earrings that Chanel did in the past and took my inspiration from there for my accessories. This kind of ear stud gives a luxurious feel to the whole look. To add some more luxury, I was inspired by the Cartier bracelets and picked really dainty gold bracelets and nothing else. Round, leopard print retro sunglasses with gold rims scream bougie and glamour. Makeup was classic. Cat eyes, rosy cheeks and pink lip stain. The cherry on the cake was my hairstyle. I shot this look right before my bangs grew and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. It was just perfect. Now when I say I am modern, I wanted that to represent that in my look as well. So I chose these really cool light brown and pink suede strappy sandals to complete my look. Voila!

Honestly, this is an exact representation of my personal style. I like to keep things classy. I will go edgy if it represents retro and Chanel times of styling. I personally like to look luxurious, at a budget of course!

I definitely do get on the trend bandwagon and wear sneakers and everything. But this was the first time I could showcase my most preferred personal style. Thanks a ton to Praba  who brought life to my vision and took such stunning pictures.

Dress – Zara

Shoes – Ajio.com

Earrings and sunglasses – HM

Bag – Shop from Bangalore

What do you think about this look? Does your personal style resonate with an era too or you are the go with the trends kinda person? Let me know your take on personal style and if your personality and thoughts reflect your style as well.



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