Did You Know these are the only things you need to survive the heat!

Summers are here and as much as we love summer fashion, the scorching heat is killing us! I personally have never liked summers. I love winters, although Chennai doesn’t particularly experience winters, but back when I was in Delhi, I would pray that the winters would extend longer. Winter fashion is my favourite as I am a lover of dark colours and layering. But this time I am excited about summers since the summer fashion this time is something I love!

Summer is not just about clothes, it is about being comfortable, stylish and sun-ready! Here is a quick guide for you to survive the heat this summer! From clothes, to skin care and accessories, I have complied a tiny list for you to read and get summer ready!

1. Cotton clothes:

This should be your go-to fabric for summers. It is light, it is sweat absorbing and fashionable. The boho-chic look and cotton go hand in hand. An off-shoulder cotton top with cotton skirt, flowy maxi dress, a long cotton kurta with palazzos are great fashionable options. While choosing lingerie too, go for cotton. Since it is the closest to your body, wearing cotton lingerie is extremely essential. It will help you avoid rashes which is quite common during summers.


2. Sunglasses:

Have you saved money to splurge on something really good? This is the time to break your piggy bank and invest in a sexy pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must have this season. I can point out a million reasons to wear sunglasses. For starters, it protects the eye from direct rays of sun, it gives UV protection and the best part about sunglasses are that they are extremely stylish. Wearing sunglasses lift your look a notch or two above. Make sure your sunglasses are of good-quality and UV protected. There are so many brands offering amazing sunglasses at every budget!



3. Compact powder:

My most essential make up product for summer would be a good sweat absorbing compact powder. I have oily skin and I cannot do without compact powder. I would skip bb cream, concealar or foundation, but I just cannot leave house without compact. It controls sweat and a few come with a bit of concealing effect which are perfect for summers to hide those scars without wearing too much make-up. I would suggest buying compact with SPF for the added benefit of sun protection.


4. Water:

Water is the most essential thing you need to survive this heat! Drinking water has various benefits. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and other liquids. I drink at least 2-3 litres of water in a day. It keeps me active, hydrated and prevents breakouts on the skin. I have started avoiding drinking soft drinks and choose water instead!


5. Maxi dresses and flare jeans:

The 70s are back! With that the flared, bell bottom jeans made a come back! I couldn’t be happier. Summer and skinny jeans are not exactly good friends and flared jeans have come as a blessing in disguise. I got a comfortable pair of jeans and I have been ODing on it! I also absolutely love wearing maxis. They’re airy and stylish. Do invest in them. They are not only comfortable bit extremely stylish too!


There are of course countless things that we need during summers. But these are a few things which are my go-to essentials. Shop wisely and buy things according to your needs. Hope this list was helpful. Do you have anything on your mind and something without which your summer would be incomplete? Share in the comments below!




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