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Hello ladies and the rare gentlemen (excuse the expression). Today on ITS NOT JUST FASHION, I shall show you how one outfit can give you looks that would be apt for both day and night.
There are a lot of ways to turn the outfit like playing with accessories and changing something here and there.
Today I will show you how you could get 2 looks by doing 2 things-
1)By changing the bottom and accessories
2)By changing the top and accessories


All the three outfits were worn on 3 separate days.
The first one was for a casual outing. I wore the cardigan and this orange tank with

my favourite black skinnies and wore these leopard print shoes to add that extra thing which the outfit demands. plus its very comfortable to wear shoes when you know you have to walk a lot.

The second time I wore the tank and the cardigan with the drakest shade of brown pants and used a thin belt and a scarf to wrap my neck. It was a cold evening and it was just the perfect outfit for the evening. This can be worn in the day time too.

For the night look I wore this combo with a asymmetrical maxi skirt. For footwear I opted for heels, statement necklace, clutch, red lips and loads of accessories.See the entire post HERE.

So this is how a pair of cardigan and tank can be worn from day to night.


While earlier you saw how the different bottoms could give you a completely different outfit, now we have Miss. Padukone showing us how she styled  the same denim and a tank for both day and night. I loved the way it was styled. I don’t know if there was a stylist involved, but I definitely loved whatever she did.

For the day look she wore ripped denim,a simple tank and a minty blazer(saw a similar one in ZARA,may be its the same). She tied her hair up, opted for minimal make up, stacked those pretty bracelets and wore flats.
For the night, she just swapped her minty blazer for a black one, changed her footwear, i.e wore peeptoes, took a simple black clutch. She left her hair open and for the final touch, the red lips. Major love.
So you saw how one thing can be worn in different ways and just a change here and there can take the outfit from day to night.
I have learnt so many similar tricks. I hope this post has helped you see and learn the use of a particular thing in many ways.
Try these simple things and do let me know how you styled your clothes.


I know the post title says that the outfit shall have loads of colours. But its just a poem I read and I just loved it. Plus the outfit has a little bit of the colours which I love. I love burnt tangerine,beige,brown,mint. And the outfit has all of it put together in doses.So enjoy the pictures and the poem.

Bangle-Street find
Pendant-Forever 21


Hey all. How was the weekend? Mine was great. As I am leaving Delhi in a month, my friends sort of gave me a farewell. I am touched. How little surprises just bring a smile on your face. Anyways if you follow me on twitter (if not, then do follow me HERE), you would know that I saw 4 movies back to back. Yes I told you , I am a movie buff. I saw a movie called ‘hairspray’. It’s a broadway musical. I rarely enjoy musicals. But this movie just cheered me up. Its amazing. You got to see it. Seriously. No kidding.
Coming to the outfit, this is really an experiment for me. I am still trying to come out of my comfort zone and try different things. I love animal prints and who does not love polka dots. So I mixed all of ‘em to see how it works.
Feel free to ignore the bin please.
The lip colour I am wearing is bronze orange from MAYBELLINE (love)
Did I mention how much I love this snake print cross body bag!
On my nails- Ambika pillai
           Top- local store,black skinnies-LEVI’S(my favourire), shoes-zara, bag-zara,watch-polo club,bangles-westside
I got these gorgeous shoes after thinking a lot. I was not sure if I would wear leopard print lace ups, because if I am investing a lot of money in something I should be able to use it a lot of times and get maximum worth. I haven’t exactly worn them a lot of times. Just TWICE. Yeah. But whenever I wore them, they surely did turn heads.
I am not sure if I did it right. I just tried something. You have to tell me how it looks. Is it a yay or nay ?
Show some love by commenting and telling me if you liked the outfit or not.
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Work Wear Worked Out- OOTD

Hello ladies, and hello if there are any gentlemen. How was the weekend and how are you handling the Monday blues? Mine was good and bad respectively. I know I sometimes whine a lot. I was a little disheartened to see my blog did not have as much viewers as it had the second and third day.  I had this weird feeling, a feeling of losing something. Then I realized its just been 6 days since I started writing. Things take time. Nobody  succeeds overnight. But I cant help it. I am a virgo. Perfection is in my nature. But I made myself understand and I am feeling ok.
So today’s outfit post is to show how you can dress formally and yet be stylish. You need not wear those boring  black trousers and striped or plain colour shirts. So many stylish clothes are available these days which have revolutionized formal dressing for woman. There are two trends which I personally love when it comes to formal dressing, pussy bow ties and pencil skirts. Today im featuring pussy bow tie top with trousers which I love.
Take a look-

trousers-dockers, bag- zara, shoes- carlton london, neck piece– FOREVER 21, watch-polo club, top- GK-M block
On nails-maybelline
The material of the blouse and the trouser is so comfortable, I think its the best for summers. I would say the same thing again, that I believe in comfortable dressing and if you have to sit in the office for hours then you should definitely dress comfortably. By the way, I love this statement neck piece. Its ivory colour makes it look very elegant. Comfortable+stylish= win win.
You can wear something like this, to office, to a meeting or to a formal lunch. You can change the accessories and get different looks according to the purpose.
I hope my post helped you out.
Do tell me your work wear essentials and share your thoughts on my post.


                                                                    love, Sindhu