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Old soul stuck in the millennial world!

She’s an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.
― Nicole Lyons

I am sitting in my office in Bangalore. Surrounded by 200 people, yet alone. Unbothered, unaffected. Everyone’s making Friday night plans, leaving office early. Just waiting to go drink, have some fun, take a break. And I sit there and wonder, what do these people need a break from? Only 10 among 100 even contribute to household chores, work 5 days a week and most of us do not have family responsibilities, happily shop online and spend their salaries on meaningless things. I wondered if that’s the reason they needed a break? It just felt bizarre to me. Almost everyone was the same. Why am I feeling differently? Have you also felt like that? Like it’s not that the place you don’t belong to, it’s the people you don’t belong to kinda feeling? And I have constantly seen myself feeling like this. Do you feel this way too?

Well I did not belong to the neither the place nor the people. Clearly! But there are times when I feel I do not even belong to this era. While the world is fast and moving on so quickly, I stand stagnant wondering about so many things. If not for my anxiety, I even try to enjoy the moment. I try not to use my cell phone when I am with my friends and cousins and even encourage them not to do so. My dearest and loveliest cousin, Shaily says, “Aap buddhe ho gaye ho!”, which translates to, “you have become old!”. Now I wonder, have I become old or am I just old school? I personally think it’s the latter. Don’t mistake my personality for a nosy aunty. I am a modern girl with ambitions and dreams and I am forward thinking. But I, if not always but often find old-school influences in things I do.


For instance look at this outfit. I love love love vintage fashion. Retro style is my favourite. There was glamour, style and more importantly representation of a certain era. I had seen polka dots making a comeback, especially these large one. Very rarely does my personal style resonate with the trends. This particular one, was right up my alley! Now big prints are a big no-no for a big girl like me. That’s a lot of bigs in a sentence. But let’s just move on. So even though this is not the best thing for my body, I went ahead and bought this nylon polka dotted  rust brown dress. But I made sure that it cinches at the waist so it adds definition to my body and enhances my curves. It snugs at the hip and looks flattering on my body since I got some booty poppin’!

I chose this really tiny pink handbag which sort of looks like a small Hermes bag to add that pop of colour. I love these big gold earrings that Chanel did in the past and took my inspiration from there for my accessories. This kind of ear stud gives a luxurious feel to the whole look. To add some more luxury, I was inspired by the Cartier bracelets and picked really dainty gold bracelets and nothing else. Round, leopard print retro sunglasses with gold rims scream bougie and glamour. Makeup was classic. Cat eyes, rosy cheeks and pink lip stain. The cherry on the cake was my hairstyle. I shot this look right before my bangs grew and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. It was just perfect. Now when I say I am modern, I wanted that to represent that in my look as well. So I chose these really cool light brown and pink suede strappy sandals to complete my look. Voila!

Honestly, this is an exact representation of my personal style. I like to keep things classy. I will go edgy if it represents retro and Chanel times of styling. I personally like to look luxurious, at a budget of course!

I definitely do get on the trend bandwagon and wear sneakers and everything. But this was the first time I could showcase my most preferred personal style. Thanks a ton to Praba  who brought life to my vision and took such stunning pictures.

Dress – Zara

Shoes –

Earrings and sunglasses – HM

Bag – Shop from Bangalore

What do you think about this look? Does your personal style resonate with an era too or you are the go with the trends kinda person? Let me know your take on personal style and if your personality and thoughts reflect your style as well.




Dark Paradise

This year has been incredibly eventful for me both personally and professionally. I started working, shifted jobs, had a very twisted personal life. Like every year, this year wasn’t very great either. But this year  will be remembered forever! I learnt a lot this year, went through transitions and changed as a person. A better person? I shall judge that with time.

Last year around this time, I moved from blogspot to my very own website. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without my dear friend Deepak. He encouraged me and did everything, from registering my domain to designing my blog. I can’t thank him enough for supporting me and doing so much for me. Secondly, I would like to thank my photographer Abhijith for helping me with my blog, waking up early in the morning, coming to my place, shooting and then go to work. Lastly, i’m extremely grateful to my friends who have encouraged me so much. They not only helped me with my personal life, but believed in me and encouraged me to do things i’m fond of. I know this sounds like an award acceptance speech, but I am very bad at expressing my feelings directly hence chose my blog to do it.

Enough with the drama, can we discuss the outfit already!?(Trust me, I had this thought on my mind)

Olive green is the colour of the season and I love this shade of green!  It screams autumn/winter. Streetstyle blogs are flooded with olive jackets, camouflage prints, military trend and the like. It is a classy colour and can be paired with any other shade. I chose this studded shirt from Zara. Paired it up with black denims and black heels.



I decided to add some more studs to my look and wore these very comfortable studded heels. When it comes to accessories, I like to keep it minimal. I wore a layered golden chain and a subtle bracelet.img_6830

To finish the look, I chose to wear oxblood lips. It’s not winter until you wore berry lips! They are also my favorite shade for lipstick at the moment. It suits every complexion. If you are from medium to dark toned, you must definitely buy a maroon lipstick. A dab of highlighter on my face, flowing hair and i’m done!


This outfit is perfect for dinners. Swap your shoes with flats or wedges and it would be perfect for lunches as well!



Yes I have put on a massive amount of weight. I told you, this year wasn’t all that great! And yes, my new year resolution is to lose weight and do many more things. May this year be the ‘it’ year!

Thank you all of you for reading this and being so kind.

Let’s bid adieu to 2016 and welcome 2017 with a hair flip!


What to wear to a music festival ~ the modern BOHO



With globalisation happening at a rapid rate, India has become one of those countries where almost everything happens. We are no longer left behind. We have the best of parties to attend. American series and movies give us an idea about their music fests like tomorrowland and something like Coachella. We as indians are always attracted to what americans do and now we don’t have something as good as tomorrowland, but we have so many music fests happening in India at various parts of the country. Now what to wear to such an event. Well ideally, wearing denim shorts, ganji or a gingham shirt with boots and sunglasses feels the safest option. But going ‘BOHO’takes the outfit to another level! Well I do not have the body to carry shorts, I chose the next comfortable option, leggings. I wanted to go dark and hence chose an all black outfit.



Fringe and boho go hand in hand and I wore chose to wear a fringed kimono. And the lace gave the feminine touch that the outfit craved. A fringe bag would also would also do the trick. The black silver and gold combo neckpiece from topshop is my absolute fav jewellery piece that I own. It is a versatile piece and goes with almost everything.



Don’t even get me started on my super crazy head turning awesome leopard print shoes. This is one of those pieces which I thought I am impulsively buying, but eventually it turned out to be the most sane thing I have ever bought fashionably. I have a crazy incident with these shoes and I couldn’t be more petrified. But that doesn’t make me love them less. A leopard print ankle-length boots screams music fest and is the fiercest thing you can own.





I borrowed(read begged) these super cool sunglasses from my sister to complete my outfit . I wore two rings and bangles. Accessories wise you could do more by wearing midi rings .But since my style is fuss-free I  took the simple route. Braiding a section of my hair seemed so apt. You could add more braids and look super stylish. Voila you’re ready for the fest! This look would also be apt for a road trip with friends.


Photo courtesy : Abhijith Chandradas Photography

Kimono : Sarojni nagar(delhi)

leggings: Mango

shoes: Zara

Tank: splash

neckpiece: Topshop

Sunglasses: Stylefiesta

Bangles: Forever 21

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Leave your past behind

Hey you lovely people. The title gives an image of a post that would contain ramblings. But it’s an outfit post with a few ramblings ofcourse. This is my first post featuring pictures from my Malaysian vacation in September. My friend gave me a very good advice while I was leaving for the trip. She said leave your past in Malaysia when you return. This is the best advice anyone has ever given me. That’s what vacations are about right? To leave behind the past and come back with new and exciting memories and experiences.

So my last stop before we left Malaysia was a visit to this beautiful place built to look like it’s France. It’s built in the outskirts of the country at the hills. It’s near Genting Highlands. My love for France is eternal, and while me actually going to France is a distant dream, this was more than enough for me. The place was beautiful with pavements and cafes and parisian windows. Oh I had the yummiest chocolate tart ever. There’s a pic below. It’s a really beautiful place and a must visit. Do not, do not come back without going to this place if ever you go to Malaysia. I wore my AND by Anita Dongre tunic as a Cape. I dint even know I was going to this place and my outfit was just apt for it. So yay! Have a look.

Outfit Details:

Tunic as Cape – AND by Anita Dongre
Leggings –  Mango
Shoes- Topshop
Sling bag – Zara
Necklaces – shop in malaysia



Once upon a time, I was strolling in the mall and I saw a beautiful pair of shoes sitting perfectly at the display, showing off how beautiful it is! I had butterflies in my stomach. I had this amazing and weird feeling. Was it love? It was indeed! I had love at first sight. I saw them with my eyes wide open and I knew I needed that beauty in life. That’s how I feel whenever I see a gorgeous pair of shoes. We all have had those moments where you feel the stores are calling you to get inside and buy all the pretty stuff. We are all in a way shopaholics and we have confessed it. But what is it about shoes that is more appealing than anything else?
Whenever I go buy clothes, I have a fear whether it will fit me or not, if its going to make me look fat, whether it will suit me or not. I have a ghazillion questions when I buy clothes. I have to think and re-think before buying anything. But whenever I buy a footwear, I don’t have so many questions. If I like it and if the colour suits me, I just give the damn money and take the babies home!
This is the main reason why all of us love shoes so much. If we like a pair of shoes, we genuinely like it. We do not have to compromise because it could make us look fat! We do not fear of looking bad or inappropriate. Shoes do not make us raise the question in the mind, “will I get my size?” (well except those people whose feet are enormously large, like my sisters’s). Shoes are available in all shapes and sizes and colours. They do not depress us or leave us with that fear.
You enter a shoe store and just end up smiling! That’s the magic a pair of beautiful shoes does. When a pair of shoes can work wonders, then why not buy a hell lot of them and just be happy? Whenever you are sad or depressed, go buy a pair of shoes. Lets call it the ‘SHOE THERAPY’.
These are  few things I personally feel about shoes and why I love them so much. Whats your reason to love gorgeous pair of  shoes?
 I myself own a pretty good amount of shoes and love each of them. I keep them with my clothes in my closet. These are a couple of my really favourite pair of shoes. If I had to run from house and had to pick a few things, these babies would be with me.
Disclaimer: The opinion is personal. I haven’t read any article about it or have done any research. This what I personally feel.