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No anarkali please!

In the present day when we say Indian outfit, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘anarkali’! From celebrities to the common girls, everybody wear anarkali suits more than anything. Although anarkalis look really pretty and grand, let’s face it, its not for a curvy woman like me. It only makes us bigger. There are few anarkalis which look flattering on curvy women, but mostly all of it makes us look fat!
So I went in search for a perfect diwali party outfit, and my mission was to stay clearly away from anarkalis. I wanted a long figure-hugging suit in a bright colour, because I always shy away from colours and end up buying black. I couldn’t find a single decent long suit! The boutiques and shops of Hyderabad were bombarded with anarkalis. Finally I decided to attend an exhibition at hotel Taj, and got to see some good designer stuff from various places. My preconceived notion that exhibitions are lame completely changed!
I loved this goldenish beige suit with neon pink Chudidar and pink and orange gota patti suit. When I saw this suit, my requirements for the outfit I was looking for, came onto my mind.
Not an anarkali : check!
-long: check! (Not that long but worked for me)
-figure hugging : check!
-bright colour : check!

The neon colour is perfectly balanced with the beige which has light golden jacquard. The suit has beautiful kundan embroidery on colour pattis. The gota patti dupatta was the reason why I loved the suit so much. This silhouette and cut is the best thing a curvy girl can wear. It showed my weight loss beautifully and earned me so many compliments.
I wore it with big sparkly earrings and off white stilletoes which gave a slimming effect.

Suit : Monika pitti (designer from Mumbai)
Earrings: forever new
Stilletoes: woodland


I am sorry for not blogging. I am moving back to my hometown and the amount of stuff I have, its difficult to get over packing.Plus last meetings with friends is also taking up all my time.I shall try my best to be regular.Apoligies.
I wore this outfit on an evening when Delhi was blessed with the first rain of this monsoon. Well, the rain spoilt all the things I had planned. But sometimes something better happens when all things go wrong. I normally get very angry when things get ruined. Trust me, I cannot explain what all happened that day. But I surprisingly was very calm. People who know me well would know that I cannot be calm in such situations. But I was so relaxed! I am sure it was the rain. The feel of the rain water on my skin takes me to another world. I was wearing heels! I just removed my heels, carried them in my hands and walked bare foot on the streets. So Bollywood! I enjoyed and loved every part of it.By the way, today is a very special day for me. This day holds a very special part in my heart. The post is dedicated to my best friend.Now and forever-MB.

Coming to the outfit, I had to go for a dinner, so I chose to go with the red lips and a box clutch. I wore an asymmetrical skirt with a tank and a light cardigan(which kept me warm), and heels completed my look.

Tank-do not remember
Cardigan- Vero Moda(Always my favourite)
Skirt-Mango(current favourite)
Box clutch- Sondra Roberts via Posh Fushion
Heels- Woods (Woodland)
Neck piece- FOREVER 21
Ring- FOREVER 21
Ear rings- FOREVER 21
Watch- Polo Club
As the pictures were taken at night,the flash made my face look very vampire’ish!
This is a very beautiful romantic song.Typical bollywood.The weather that day just made me feel like this.