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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. – Pablo Picasso

I am a lover of vogue (magazine) , well any fashion lover would be a vogue hoarder and it is considered the ‘bible of fashion’. So on a lazy day while I was flipping through the glossy pages of this sacred magazine, I stumbled upon an article which stated the do’s and dont’s in fashion . I skimmed excitedly and read the line , ” do not wear a cape with a maxi dress..”. I wondered why. When Sonam Kapoor chose to wear a saree with a cape at the red carpet, she received rave reviews, then why is a cape with maxi dress not a good idea? So I decided to break the rule and went ahead to try this look myself. Well sometimes breaking the rules is the way to go. And nothing screams breaking the rules louder than a graffiti wall. The amazing graffiti wall of GUSTO CAFE,CHENNAI played the perfect backdrop for this shoot.



If you are leaving for a holiday and still perplexed as to what to wear, this floral maxi would be a perfect day wear. This shape of dress is perfect for somebody with a heavy bottom like mine. The subtle colours and the print is cute and is perfect for a holiday. A cape is not only stylish but also shall keep you warm.


I choose a bright beaded layered neckpiece to go with it. Nothing screams vacation louder than a beaded necklace.  And I wish I had a better pic of that ring. It is super cute.



I am a shoe lover. And these T-Strap wedges in tan colour are my favorite heels. The wedge part has a subtle metallic flower print and looks beautiful. Nude shoes are your best bet when there is too much happening with your clothes.



I have been dying to flaunt this MAWIXKOOVS clutch for quite a long time. I love love love it . Holds my money and lipstick!

bre the rue


Photo Courtesy : Abhijith Chandradas Photography

Maxi dress – Max Fashion

cape – ginger (lifestyle)


Shoes – Malaysia (sunway lagoon mall)

Neck piece – Forever 21

Watch – Polo Club

Ring – Mumbai

Please do not end your year with regrets in your heart. Set new goals for the new year and accomplish whatever was unaccomplished this year. Remember every day is a new day and a new chance to reinvent yourself.




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What to wear to a music festival ~ the modern BOHO



With globalisation happening at a rapid rate, India has become one of those countries where almost everything happens. We are no longer left behind. We have the best of parties to attend. American series and movies give us an idea about their music fests like tomorrowland and something like Coachella. We as indians are always attracted to what americans do and now we don’t have something as good as tomorrowland, but we have so many music fests happening in India at various parts of the country. Now what to wear to such an event. Well ideally, wearing denim shorts, ganji or a gingham shirt with boots and sunglasses feels the safest option. But going ‘BOHO’takes the outfit to another level! Well I do not have the body to carry shorts, I chose the next comfortable option, leggings. I wanted to go dark and hence chose an all black outfit.



Fringe and boho go hand in hand and I wore chose to wear a fringed kimono. And the lace gave the feminine touch that the outfit craved. A fringe bag would also would also do the trick. The black silver and gold combo neckpiece from topshop is my absolute fav jewellery piece that I own. It is a versatile piece and goes with almost everything.



Don’t even get me started on my super crazy head turning awesome leopard print shoes. This is one of those pieces which I thought I am impulsively buying, but eventually it turned out to be the most sane thing I have ever bought fashionably. I have a crazy incident with these shoes and I couldn’t be more petrified. But that doesn’t make me love them less. A leopard print ankle-length boots screams music fest and is the fiercest thing you can own.





I borrowed(read begged) these super cool sunglasses from my sister to complete my outfit . I wore two rings and bangles. Accessories wise you could do more by wearing midi rings .But since my style is fuss-free I  took the simple route. Braiding a section of my hair seemed so apt. You could add more braids and look super stylish. Voila you’re ready for the fest! This look would also be apt for a road trip with friends.


Photo courtesy : Abhijith Chandradas Photography

Kimono : Sarojni nagar(delhi)

leggings: Mango

shoes: Zara

Tank: splash

neckpiece: Topshop

Sunglasses: Stylefiesta

Bangles: Forever 21

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Hey guys. How have you been? I am having fun. Let me tell you that weekends are the only time when I get to dress up and go out. As usual I was out yesterday. I went to have lunch, watched a movie and went for some coffee to my favourite coffee shop-COSTA. Its my starbucks. Completely out of the topic, I have a small crush on one of the servers in costa. He is super cute.
So in today’s post, I am going to review the movie TERI MERI KAHANI in a nut shell and talk about the styling done in the movie briefly.

MOVIE- Teri Meri Kahani
GENRE-Romantic Comedy
Movie is written and directed by Mr.Kunal Kohli, so I definitely expected a big dose of romance. The movie showcased 3 eras, 1910, 1960 and 2012. Research was definitely done before making the movie. They showcased how people in each time period had or have love stories. Shahid kapoor looked AMAZING. He looked super hot and acted pretty decent. But don’t even get me started on Priyanka Chopra. I don’t understand this female. One moment I like her and the other I don’t. An actor grows with time. But she is going in the descending order. She has acted so pathetically. Gosh. I wanted to kill her. All in all, the movie was ok. I dint like it that much. I was a little bored. And if the actor was not Shahid Kapoor, I surely would have left the movie after interval. The good part of the movie is the ending. Best ending ever. It’s a one time watch.
MY RATING- 2.5/5
Ok now the interesting part, styling of clothes in the movie. Im going to talk about Priyanka Chopra’s style.
PERIOD 1910– Priyanka wore kurti, Patiala, chunni and mojris for this part. It was styled amazingly. All bright and colourful. There were neon kurti and pajama, phulkari dupattas. Even though the period was 1910, the style was so 2012. I mean bright and colourful.
PERIOD 1960– Priyanka and Prachi wore single cloured sheath dresses and skirts. Their hair had bumpits, high buns and ribbons. I found Priyanka wearing pastel clothes. She wore pastel pants. Sarees were also in minty colours. I repeat the same thing, old period new style.
PERIOD 2012– Obviously I liked this period more when it came to styling. The styling was great. Priyanka wore ripped denim shorts and crop tops. I could recognize one of the tops. I guess it was from H&M. I saw check shirts, shirt dresses, crop tops, knee length boots and ballet flats. Perfect college style.Here I would also like to talk about Shahid’s style. I loved what he wore. I wish boys in my college dressed up like him. He wore, basic t-shirts with sweatshirts and chinos, paired with loafers. How cool is that? Loved him. He looked perfect. But he looked very hot in the 1910 period (slightly long hair and little beard). 
All in all I loved the styling of clothes. Whoever was the stylist did a great job according to me.
I guess I have new reasons to watch a movie.
I feel actors should be styled properly. Accept it or not, they are the trend setters. Majority of crowd follow whatever they wear. Hence the stylists should be aware of the fact that whatever they are styling is going to be followed by millions of people and they have a great deal of responsibility on them.
Sorry for the long post. I hope you dint get bored.
Do share your thoughts on the movie.
                                                                       Love, Sindhu
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