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What to wear to a music festival ~ the modern BOHO



With globalisation happening at a rapid rate, India has become one of those countries where almost everything happens. We are no longer left behind. We have the best of parties to attend. American series and movies give us an idea about their music fests like tomorrowland and something like Coachella. We as indians are always attracted to what americans do and now we don’t have something as good as tomorrowland, but we have so many music fests happening in India at various parts of the country. Now what to wear to such an event. Well ideally, wearing denim shorts, ganji or a gingham shirt with boots and sunglasses feels the safest option. But going ‘BOHO’takes the outfit to another level! Well I do not have the body to carry shorts, I chose the next comfortable option, leggings. I wanted to go dark and hence chose an all black outfit.



Fringe and boho go hand in hand and I wore chose to wear a fringed kimono. And the lace gave the feminine touch that the outfit craved. A fringe bag would also would also do the trick. The black silver and gold combo neckpiece from topshop is my absolute fav jewellery piece that I own. It is a versatile piece and goes with almost everything.



Don’t even get me started on my super crazy head turning awesome leopard print shoes. This is one of those pieces which I thought I am impulsively buying, but eventually it turned out to be the most sane thing I have ever bought fashionably. I have a crazy incident with these shoes and I couldn’t be more petrified. But that doesn’t make me love them less. A leopard print ankle-length boots screams music fest and is the fiercest thing you can own.





I borrowed(read begged) these super cool sunglasses from my sister to complete my outfit . I wore two rings and bangles. Accessories wise you could do more by wearing midi rings .But since my style is fuss-free I  took the simple route. Braiding a section of my hair seemed so apt. You could add more braids and look super stylish. Voila you’re ready for the fest! This look would also be apt for a road trip with friends.


Photo courtesy : Abhijith Chandradas Photography

Kimono : Sarojni nagar(delhi)

leggings: Mango

shoes: Zara

Tank: splash

neckpiece: Topshop

Sunglasses: Stylefiesta

Bangles: Forever 21

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Stripe it baby!- OOTD

A day out with the girlies demands a cute+ fun + fashionable + comfy outfit. Well I had a girl’s day out with just one girl i.e my cousin, who is as old as I am and is my bestest friend. So less girls, less fuss. I picked out jeans, t-shirt and thong sandals. I know it sounds so boring. But then the colour and patterns changes things and makes this simple outfit look interesting. Oh I watched gunday that day and oh my god, Ranveer Singh is so freaking haawwwwttt. He looked super hot and cute and all that. I din’t like the movie a lot, but it wasn’t bad either. One time watch hai boss! We wanted to roam around a bit and ended up at a hotel that had a rooftop restaurant. (Ya I know it sounds fancy. It was NOT) . Whatever, I had fun and it was ok! After having really bad manchurian and noodles, we head over to our favourite ice cream parlour and had butterscotch sundae. yummmmm.

Anywhoo, I wore red skinny jeans with black and white stripped top. Its nothing new, but few things never get old. You can see my outfit below.
P.S I taught my cousin candid photography. flashnews: candid photography is so not candid!
My face looks realllllly bad I know! In my defence the pics were taken after a really long day!

Red skinnies:
Stripe top: Local shop
Flower thong sandals: Lifestyle
Watch: Aspen