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Summer style guide for college girls

I did my graduation in Delhi and I was lucky enough to experience all the four seasons. The transition from summers to winters demanded transition in our wardrobe too ofcourse. But being in college, I was generally seen wearing sweatshirts and light sweaters in winters and tank tees with denims and flip-flops in summers. I had a very basic style and I feel bad for not experimenting more with my wardrobe. College is a creative space and you can try looking stylish and trendy without being OTT.

Hence I am sharing a few tips and ideas to dress trendily to school and college.


  • Stick to light weight fabrics. Avoid anything that sticks to your skin. Cotton is the best fabric for summers.
  • Avoid dark colours, especially black as it is a conductor of heat. Wear bright colours and pastels. As you are all college goers , wearing bright colours adds the fun element in your outfit. Just avoid extremely neon’y shades.
  • If your college isn’t very strict about the dress code, then wear colorful shorts with tank tees and flip-flops. It gives a young and sexy vibe. And for those who cannot wear shorts, you can experiment with palazzos, cropped pants, khakis (very trendy this season) , and the never disappointing denims.
  • Denim overalls are back! And college is the best place to wear them. You can pair them with nothing but a basic white tee. Add a hat and converse shoes and voila you would easily be the most stylish girl in your college.
  • Wearing shirts with denims gives a good semi-formal look. To make the look more stylish, wear colourful plaid shirts with acid wash jeans.
  • If you are like me and feel the most comfortable in kurtis during summers, then take some inspiration from celebs like Anushka Sharma in band baaja baraat . I loved her college style. She wore colourful short kurtis with cropped denims and jootis and kolahpuris. You can also wear chikankari kurtis with salwars.
  • Accessories are an essential part of the outfit as they complete a look. As you are college students, sticking to understated basic accessories is the safest thing.
  • The most important summer accessory is the SCARF. It goes with almost everything and is a necessity during summers. It gives protection from sun-tan and adds a stylish vibe to the outfit. Wear a colourful or quirky scarf to improvise your outfit.
  • BACKPACKS have become a rage. And college students can ditch their oversized totes with chic backpacks. Big designer brands like CHANEL made backpacks look so cool. You don’t have to go to Chanel, lot of smaller brands have cute and quirky backpacks now.
  • HATS have become a rage too. They look so dope (I cant’t believe i’m saying dope!) . Wear hats with denims . Please avoid anything offensive written on the hat though! (e.g sexy,f*ck. Ya we know you’re cool like that!)
  • There are lot of cute and quirky hair clips available in many colours. Accessorise your hair with these cute things.
  • SUNGLASSES is a staple and buy them in all shapes and sizes. Period.
  • Flip-flops are your best friends. They are very comfortable and are very casual too.
  • Dear girls please don’t wear those flotters. Leave it for the boys. And please don’t wear crocs too. Also avoid anything leather or rexin as they will make your feet smelly and sweaty.
  • Thong sandals of all kinds is my absolute favourite.
  • You can also experiment with moccasins , loafers and slip-ons which are not very heavy and made of light fabrics.


  • Do not leave home or any place without SUNSCREEN. I have always avoided sunscreen saying it greases my skin. Buy a matte base or gel sun protection and apply it before ten minutes you leave your home.
  • To give a more put together look, use BB creams. They moisturise the skin and in addition to that some of them have good SPF.
  • Avoid a dark or a very bright lip colour in college. Wear nudes and light pink shades on your lips and tinted lip balms are the best.
  • As you might be sweating a lot, buy waterproof make-up.
  • Experiment with bright colours on your nails.
  • Always keep tissues with yourself to wipe off sweat and there are brands which sell rose water in spray bottles which are handy and help keep your skin fresh and hydrated.
These are a few tips that I feel can be useful to young girls who go to college and are always confused about the type of clothes they should wear and the accessories they should carry. I hope this was helpful. If you have any more tips that you know, please do share and I shall add them and credit you too. If you need any help or questions shoot me a mail or catch me on fb or Twitter. Link is mentioned below.

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Hey you guys. I can’t believe it has been two years since I have posted anything in this series. I feel bad for not doing so. I love this series and I promise to post every week. For those who are new, you can see a few posts in this series HERE .
So this time instead of one look, I have three different looks which I absolutely loved. They are easy to interpret and very stylish and trendy. I chose these looks so that people of all ages and styles can know what to wear for summers which is comfortable as well as fashionable.

LOOK 1- Roshni Chopra ; LOOK 2- Jacqueline Fernandez ; LOOK 3- Priyanka Chopra


Roshni Chopra wore a white embroidered kurti with churidar and completed the look with mojris and an ethnic sling bag. She wore her up and made a beautiful bun and kept the accessories simple. This is my most favourite summer look. It is easy and fresh and moreover it is striking without being over the top. Miss Chopra, we love thy look !


Jacqueline Fernandez took her pleated midi for a spin. She wore it with a cut-out crop top and black pumps. No accessories and just a watch. The make up was perfect. Dewy, fresh and simple. I love how coral, nude and black go together so well. The look is again simple and fresh yet doesn’t compromise on fashion. Miss Fernandez, we love thy look !


Priyanka Chopra attended Anil Kapoor’s party wearing an outfit that’s very trendy. The 70’s are back is what the people in fashion are saying and Priyanka heard the message loud and clear. The 70’s are incomplete without flare pants and she chose to wear the trend. I love the boxy top with that cute faux fur heart (assuming its looks like that). Summers and updos go hand in hand. Love that she kept the look simple. Yet another miss Chopra, we love thy look !

Love thy look is a segment where I post looks donned by celebrities. The specialty of this segment is that I only post looks which are wearable. Its a means to show people how they can wear looks sported by celebrities in their day to day life.


How to style a denim shirt dress

Hola. The amazing thing about blogging is that you can write whenever you want. But that isn’t good. If you want to commercialise your blog and actually want to be big in this industry, you need to be consistent. Consistency is the key to success. And if there was an award for the least consistent blogger, I would win it without doubt. But I don’t mind that. I don’t promote my blog much. People close to me don’t even know I have a blog and I don’t collaborate with brands. Blogging is like a holiday for me. I write when I want to escape from the chaos of life. And I write whenever I feel like writing. And I only write when I feel there is good content on my mind. I don’t write just for the sake of writing.
Moving forward, in July I was in pondicherry vacationing. It was a road trip, hence wearing comfortable clothes was a necessity. Lot of people confuse comfort with boring. Dear people, you can be comfortable without wearing sweat pants. When I heard road trip I knew I’m definitely going to wear my trusted pair of mango black leggings. But what I chose to wear with it was this beautiful ultra comfortable chambray shirt dress/tunic. It’s airy, it’s cotton, it’s almost crease free and super stylish. Denim never goes out of style. It’s a classic and why not embrace it.
I wore black leggings, the denim shirt dress as a tunic, thong sandals, a printed scarf, sunglasses and completed my look with a chic top knot. Voila you are ready!
I’m in love with this tunic from It’s very versatile and I can think of so many ways to style it. It’s basically a shirt dress but I don’t wear short dresses hence I ll show you how to style it differently without wearing it like a dress. This is part 1. Stay tuned for the next post to see how I styled it differently!

P. S  ignore my face. I was way too tired and sleepy!

Outfit details:

Tunic/shirt dress  :  Bhane
Leggings : Mango
Sandals: lifestyle
Scarf : sarojni nagar market
Sunglasses : mango
Bag: zara

Reasons why you need a pair of black pumps

There are a few things which are super essential and you ought to have them in your wardrobe.
Today while I was just sitting and thinking about super shitty random things, I suddenly saw my black suede zara pumps and realised I have a  connection which is deeper than my connection with my present set of friends. Yeah im totally wierd and stupid. Anyhoo I realised how important black pumps are.

Reasons why you should own a pair of black pumps:

1. They are black! They go with everything. Black is the most versatile colour. Buying a pair of black shoes is nothing but an investment.

2. They elongate your legs. Wearing black pumps with black stockings or leggings give the illusion of being tall. I mean who doesn‘t wants to look like miss Padukone!?!?!

3. Black shoes have the ability to give you a formal as well as a casual look. Change the outfit, but not the shoes.

4. Nothing is classier and sexier than a pair of pointed black pumps. Period.

5. Last but not the least, this is the only kind of shoes which boys actually like and are not scared by looking at. They hate neon colour heels and are literally scared of spiked shoes. Except fashion forward people like Ranveer Singh. Well that ain’t happening. So why not try to impress someone closer to home. 😉

Everything is an Experiment and Everyday is an Experience.

I heard this quote when I was in 11th grade, and realized that it is so true. Nothing done is bad or useless. It teaches us something and helps us grow. I know how much I have changed in the past few years. If I turn back and look at myself I wouldn’t know me. I have changed emotionally, mentally, physically. I have learnt to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. I wouldn’t say I have been successful. I am still trying and the process is endless.
I try to get inspired by everything around me. People, things, nature, everything inspires me to do something and try something new. I have to mention that I have been inspired by so many bloggers. You may feel I have copied stuff from their blogs, but I would like to say its definitely innocent and I was inspired by their blogs. Me writing blogs was an inspiration from seeing their blogs.
So I have few outfit pictures to be shared which inspire me to try them out. The pictures will show how the current trends are incorporated into daily life. I am also going to try to wear my clothes like this
This is my style.Comfortable yet stylish. Pastel crush.I saw tanvi rock this combination in her latest post.
I know this is similar to the previous one, but this is a perfect wear for travelling. I am naming it the airport style.
For people like me who are shy to try wear neon clothes, this is perfect. Chic much?
Peplum + neon = LOVE.
See how Kardishians wear the neon trend. Definitely want to try something like this.
This is my favourite look. Perfect in all sense. One day I want to see myself wearing something like this.
So these are few outfits which are currently inspiring me . I will definitely try to incorporate them in my style.
Do share your views on your style and which trend you have been crushing on.
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