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I am sorry for not blogging. I am moving back to my hometown and the amount of stuff I have, its difficult to get over packing.Plus last meetings with friends is also taking up all my time.I shall try my best to be regular.Apoligies.
I wore this outfit on an evening when Delhi was blessed with the first rain of this monsoon. Well, the rain spoilt all the things I had planned. But sometimes something better happens when all things go wrong. I normally get very angry when things get ruined. Trust me, I cannot explain what all happened that day. But I surprisingly was very calm. People who know me well would know that I cannot be calm in such situations. But I was so relaxed! I am sure it was the rain. The feel of the rain water on my skin takes me to another world. I was wearing heels! I just removed my heels, carried them in my hands and walked bare foot on the streets. So Bollywood! I enjoyed and loved every part of it.By the way, today is a very special day for me. This day holds a very special part in my heart. The post is dedicated to my best friend.Now and forever-MB.

Coming to the outfit, I had to go for a dinner, so I chose to go with the red lips and a box clutch. I wore an asymmetrical skirt with a tank and a light cardigan(which kept me warm), and heels completed my look.

Tank-do not remember
Cardigan- Vero Moda(Always my favourite)
Skirt-Mango(current favourite)
Box clutch- Sondra Roberts via Posh Fushion
Heels- Woods (Woodland)
Neck piece- FOREVER 21
Ring- FOREVER 21
Ear rings- FOREVER 21
Watch- Polo Club
As the pictures were taken at night,the flash made my face look very vampire’ish!
This is a very beautiful romantic song.Typical bollywood.The weather that day just made me feel like this.