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A stepping stone in the world of Internet – AIRTEL 4G

In today’s world, people are running faster than light, well metaphorically. But truly, we are so active and want everything in a jiffy. A pizza is delivered at our doorstep in less than 30 minutes. We find new ways to get things speed up. We do not have the patience to wait for anything. And especially we youngsters are the most impatient ones. We want everything just a click away and as soon as possible. I am an Internet hoarder and just cannot live without my phone and Internet. Sometimes I get annoyed where there is so reception or my Internet isn’t working smoothly. Also I’m a blogger, and keeping an eye on everything that happens is my job. A lot of times I lose track of so many important things and updates because my internet isn’t fast enough, especially when I am on the move. In situations like these I miss WiFi and wish to stay home. A hassle free fast Internet is my priority and that makes me the happiest. Even though the phone has 3G network, that’s not enough. We always want more. And this is a demand that needs to be fulfilled. I think now I might dance in joy as airtel has launched 4G. Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services.
 How awesome is that. I have a 4G compatible phone, yet no 4G. But my wait is over. Airtel launched the 4G which is faster than anything you can imagine. You must have a look at their TVC and judging by that, it’s all you ever wished for. A super fast Internet on your phone. 
The best part is Airtel is home delivering the 4G sim right at your doorstep. All you require is a 4G compatible phone. Also please do not think 4G is going to be expensive. It’s going to cost you the same as 3G.You can request for the sim on their website(link given below) and your 4G sim will be delivered with a 3G data pack. You can also tweet to them at @airtelindia and use hash tag #GetAirtel4G and they shall help you in getting a sim. You can have a look at the TVC by clicking on the link (a must watch) – TVC
Also check their new website – . The site will take you through all the offerings of the product. 

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it. Fashion blogging and keeping up with twitter and other social media has become easier. This is a once in a lifetime offer and just cannot be missed. Use the technology to its maximum benefit. Get started immediately. What’s the delay. This is all we have been waiting for.


REVIEW – BBLUNT anti-frizz leave-in cream

The importance of good and healthy hair is something we have all read about. We always want to look our best, and our hair plays a major role in making us look good. With every season change, our hair behaves differently and all of us have different hair types. But one common problem we face is frizzy hair. Some day or the other, you experience this dull, frizziness in your hair which spoils your entire look.
I have very fine straight and almost silky hair. I would lie if I said my hair is always frizzy. But lately because of the move and water and weather change, my hair has lost its sheen and is very tangly and frizzy after wash. Since I have silky fine hair, applying serums make my hair look flatter and greasy. So I generally avoid serums. But that dint solve my problem. After being frustrated and dealing with hair issues,  I finally got the opportunity to try this anti-frizz leave-in cream by BBLUNT. And the best part about it is, its from their climate control category. This is exactly the solution to my problem.


BBLUNTClimate control anti-frizz leave-in cream

Quantity – 150g

Price – INR 450

A few highlights of the product:

– It is very light in texture and leaves the hair smooth without making it look greasy.
– If you have straight hair, it does not make your hair look limp.
– It does not have a strong smell so it is very good for people who have allergy issues.
– Only a small amount of product is required. Hence, it’s basically a good investment product.
– Combing and styling hair post using this becomes very easy and time saving.
– The product claims that its specially curated for Indian hair and also protects from environmental and heat styling damage.

How to use:

– After washing your hair, towel dry your hair. (do not use hair dryer).
– Once you’re done drying, take a little amount of the cream (about 6-7 pumps for medium to long hair) on your palm and apply in on the middle and ends of your hair.
– After applying scrunch your hair a little so that the product is evenly applied.
– Strictly avoid applying it on the scalp, else you’ll end up with a greasy scalp.

Voila, you now have smooth, tamable hair!


Expectation vs Reality – 4/5

Quantity – 4.5/5

Pricing – 4/5

Packaging – 4.5/5

Availability – 3/5

Will I repurchase –  Yes

The product is available on various online stores and all BBLUNT salons.
This products works well for me. I am a person who doesn’t likes to use a lot of product on the hair,and I have been using this one quite often. I’m in love with it. A must try for those dealing with crazy hair post hair wash.


My experience with

When you are addicted to shopping and wouldn’t compromise on fashion, living in a small town is no less than a house arrest. Well consider me on a house arrest. Having been brought up in Chennai and after staying in Delhi for 4 years and hyderabad for a brief period, now I am in my hometown Erode(Tamilnadu). This town has no place to shop and let’s not even talk about fashion and Erode in the same sentence. So I guess you get a pretty good picture of what I mean! So for a person like me and I am sure for many of you out there, online shopping is the saviour. It’s my Knight in shining armor. Literally!
So I got an opportunity to shop with . I literally jumped at the opportunity since I had been planning to shop from them for a while now. Their interesting scrapbooks gives an idea about how you can wear a certain item. And the best thing is they not only sell clothes and accessories, they have a wide range of home decor. So as far as the whole site is concerned, I love it.
So I wanted to buy a top for myself and I clicked the clothing section and filtered it to tops thinking it might narrow down to few things. But boy I was wrong. They have a lot of varieties to choose from. They stock a lot of good brands too. As far as variety is concerned, it won my heart!
I began searching and searching. I scrolled through every possible thing. I noticed that there were clothes of certain brands that are unknown and a little pricey. That was my only concern actually. A teeny tiny dissappointment there. But the overall pricing and discounts are average.
The last step checkout is always one hell of a ride for a person who lives in a small town. I always prefer cash on delivery and my cousin who shopped from the site last year mentioned there was no cod for my town. But I was so happy to see that they now had COD for my town too. Yay. I placed the order and they claimed to deliver it in about 5 days.
Well I did receive my order in 5 days and in perfect condition and the top fits me very well. That package did bring a smile on my face.
Overall I had a good shopping experience with LimeRoad. My only advice would be to be sure of the sizes before ordering and also zoom in well and read the description properly to know the material details.
To know what I shopped, you might have to wait as I’m planning to do an outfit post on it.
If you have shopped from the site already or planning to shop from them do give a review and share your experience.
              Till the next time,

Manish Arora – The king of kitsch

The name Manish Arora is associated with kitsch, glamour, quirk and colour. His designs are psychedelic. If you want something grandeur, magnificent, graphical and completely over the top, then Manish Arora is the word. When people said he was a fool for leaving Paco Robanne, he just went ahead and created beautiful collections for his own label. When its Manish, expect a lot of colour. Although I love his beautiful creations, too much colour and quirk is not my style. I always get mesmerised by his collection.But I can never imagine myself in his creation because that’s just not me.
But his stint at the recent fashion week where he showcased his spring/summer 2015 collection, I was in awe. It was a jawdropping experience. Manish Arora never fails to create magic and his runway collection was nothing short of that. When you hear spring/summer somehow the word pastel does come to your mind. Surprisingly he kept the colour palette understated and stuck to beautiful pastel and metallic shades. I fell in love with the clothes the moment I saw the colours. He din’t shy away from colour, he just opted for subtle tones. Beadwork embroidery dominated the clothes. And when you thought sheer wouldn’t stay in fashion, Manish Arora presented a collection featuring sheer in every possible way. Appliques with embossed and over the top designs added the required glamour. He never fails to express Indianness in his design and lord Krishna and maa Kali’s faces were aptly placed in the clothes. The clothes were fluid, relaxing with palazzo pants, maxis, sheer sweatshirt and capes. And that was not it, accessories form a major part of his collection. He expresses his love for quirk and fun through accessories. Who doesn’t lust over his accessories for amrapali. This time he accessorized his clothes with over the top,heavily beaded and embroidered metallic hats. Can someone just get me one of those hats. Pretty please! Oh and how can I forget to mention the shoesssss!!!The models strut the runway in flatform, gladiator kind in silver toned metallic shoes . For a shoe lover like me and for someone who loves comfort and fashion, these shoes are nothing short but a dream. These are my dream shoes.
All I would like to say is Manish Arora never fails to disappoint us and takes us on a magical ride and we never want to come back from that space. Even just looking at his collection and writing about it makes me feel like Rihanna. Cheers to THE KING OF KITSCH.

(Image source: google,hindustan
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Review- maybelline color show glitter mania shade all that glitters 601

Hello you lovely people,or just a person. My lack of blogging has made me lose my blog readers which is sad, but doesn’t stop me from blogging now and then. I try to blog but no Internet connectivity and no laptop is the reason why im unable to blog. Anywhoo im here today to review the new range of nail paints by maybelline. They are called glitter mania. The word glitter was enough for me to go raid them.

My love for gold is eternal and with a hell lot of weddings to attend, glittery gold was the best option to buy.


Brand: Maybelline

Shade : all tha glitters 601

Range : Color show Glitter mania

Quantity : 6 ml

Price : INR 125

The shade is not very golden-ey, rather its gold toned champagne shade. It looks stunning on my complexion I.e wheatish complexion. Two coats of it is enough to give proper colour and shine. The paint doesn’t chip for about 4-5 days(i.e if applied without topcoat), and post that the glittering effect starts to wear out. I think thats awesome. Normally nail paints start chipping real soon. This range of nail paints do not have lot of glitter and shine, but just the right amount of glitter to add that much needed glamour to your look. The packaging is neat and classy, it looks exactly like the colour show nail paints. This range has 8 shades which is superb and im dying to buy all of them.


Shade: 5/5

Durability : 5/5

Shine : 4.5/5

Product availability : 5/5 (available almost everywhere)

Will I repurchase : yes!

Overall verdict : 4.75/5

All in all this product is a must buy. For the price offered, this is one of the best products launched in the recent times. Maybelline has proved itself yet again. They have improvised themselves in every way possible. Not only are the products really good, also the branding is appreciating. A very impressive work by maybelline.


These pictures have been taken in natural lighting without flash.