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Quick tip and few ramblings

Hey guys. I have been super super super busy. I mean I haven’t watched MAD MEN for a while now! I am moving again. yeah you read it right. Its been 8 months since I have been in Hyderabad and now its time to move again. I am moving back to my hometown. I am happy to be spending time with my family but sad that I will leave Hyderabad. I am gonna miss it. I will specially miss dancing. It came into my life at a time when I was at my worst. I will try to continue dancing.

I am writing this post just just before few hours of flying away from this place. I guess I needed to flush out my feelings and had this urge to write something. Then I thought I shouldn’t make you just read my ramblings and also give you a small tip( could be known to you).


We all have one common problem, frizzy hair. Especially when we shampoo our hair, the part of drying the hair and combing it. Its a painful and dreadful experience. So I read this tip somewhere and though of sharing it.  When you are trying to dry your hair with a towel, use a jersey T-shirt instead of the towel to dry your hair. It makes your hair softer and controls frizz. I am not saying that it would work like a conditioner or something and give you the kind of hair you see in TV ads. But it works to a good extent.
Do try this and lemme know how you felt.

I hope to have a wonderful time at home and enjoy the new phase of my life. Also please pray that I do not have to pay extra for my hugeeee luggage. Girl problems!


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