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Manish Arora – The king of kitsch

The name Manish Arora is associated with kitsch, glamour, quirk and colour. His designs are psychedelic. If you want something grandeur, magnificent, graphical and completely over the top, then Manish Arora is the word. When people said he was a fool for leaving Paco Robanne, he just went ahead and created beautiful collections for his own label. When its Manish, expect a lot of colour. Although I love his beautiful creations, too much colour and quirk is not my style. I always get mesmerised by his collection.But I can never imagine myself in his creation because that’s just not me.
But his stint at the recent fashion week where he showcased his spring/summer 2015 collection, I was in awe. It was a jawdropping experience. Manish Arora never fails to create magic and his runway collection was nothing short of that. When you hear spring/summer somehow the word pastel does come to your mind. Surprisingly he kept the colour palette understated and stuck to beautiful pastel and metallic shades. I fell in love with the clothes the moment I saw the colours. He din’t shy away from colour, he just opted for subtle tones. Beadwork embroidery dominated the clothes. And when you thought sheer wouldn’t stay in fashion, Manish Arora presented a collection featuring sheer in every possible way. Appliques with embossed and over the top designs added the required glamour. He never fails to express Indianness in his design and lord Krishna and maa Kali’s faces were aptly placed in the clothes. The clothes were fluid, relaxing with palazzo pants, maxis, sheer sweatshirt and capes. And that was not it, accessories form a major part of his collection. He expresses his love for quirk and fun through accessories. Who doesn’t lust over his accessories for amrapali. This time he accessorized his clothes with over the top,heavily beaded and embroidered metallic hats. Can someone just get me one of those hats. Pretty please! Oh and how can I forget to mention the shoesssss!!!The models strut the runway in flatform, gladiator kind in silver toned metallic shoes . For a shoe lover like me and for someone who loves comfort and fashion, these shoes are nothing short but a dream. These are my dream shoes.
All I would like to say is Manish Arora never fails to disappoint us and takes us on a magical ride and we never want to come back from that space. Even just looking at his collection and writing about it makes me feel like Rihanna. Cheers to THE KING OF KITSCH.

(Image source: google,hindustan
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