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Preconceived notions

Don’t we all have preconceived notions? I admit, I do. In fact all of us presume something or the other about a certain person or situation or a thing. It’s not that bad. It is human nature. But you know we need to draw a line. We need to stop assuming and make so many judgements even before knowing a certain thing. We see a person all smiling and cheerful and assume the person to be the happiest person alive. That’s completely fine. But moving a step forward and saying that the person who smiles a lot cannot have any pain, that’s preconceived notion! May be that person is just emotionally strong and deals with pain and pressure easily. That does not mean the person has a perfect life. Why do we assume these things.
When a girl dresses up really well, the girl is termed high maintenance. What if the things she is wearing is thrifted and not as expensive as you think. Just because a girl is wearing Western clothes, we assume that she is spoilt, bad and isn’t homely. This is just ridiculous! When will we think beyond this? When will we start accepting things the way they are and not assume things.
A recent incident in my life made me think this. I never knew facebook account could be used as your character certificate. This is just absurd and these things just irritate me. When will people mature and understand that its not always what you see. It may be the things you haven’t seen!

Be positive guys. There is already so much negativity in the world. Spread happiness and positive energy. Sayonara.

Birthday month and the goal

Hey fellas, if you are a loyal reader of my blog, it would be surprising to see me write a post this soon! I am surprised too. But I actually have things to write about, so I thought why not. I want to share a few things with you guys. So I have decided to write down them to you.
Well for starters, my birthday month has begun (Happy dance)! Birthdays kinda mean new beginnings to me. Hence I get super excited and try to fix things and improve my life in any possible way. The more writing and attending my blog is one of the things I have decided to do. And I am off to a good start I believe.
Now if you had read my post on FITNESS, I had mentioned that I wanted to lose another 5 kgs for my birthday. Well that hasn’t happened yet! I need to lose 2 more kilos to reach the goal weight I had set for my birthday. So starting from today, I would have 15 days left for my birthday and I intend to lose 2 kilos by then. I may not be successful, but I am going to try. I might lose atleast one kilo and that matters!

This is how I am going to reach my goal-

1. STOP eating junk.
2.Apart from dancing and zumba I am going to go for a morning walk for atleast half an hour.
3.Drink more water.
4.Follow my diet schedule (which I haven’t been following) of cutting my meals into 8 small meals.
5.Take more part in household chores. (every bit counts)
6.As I am kinda jobless these days, I spend a lot of time sitting and watching a hell lot of movies, So for every hour I sit, I would take a small 5 minute walk at home itself. (Remember every bit counts)
7.Follow everything I mentioned above.

So if you want lo lose some weight or have a goal set like me, then you could take some inspiration from above and start. Its never too late for anything. I could be your virtual fitness buddy, and you could be mine.
If you have a few tips then do share.
Lets all together take one step forward towards a healthy life.

I have finally realised this. Have you?

I know its a long road for me. I am nowhere close to my goal weight. But hey I am trying so i wouldn’t regret. Inspire and motivate yourself and please start taking care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Worship it!

Fitness and me!

I have a huge excuse for not blogging. And somehow I dont find it unreasonable at all. To write about style and fashion I need to be inspired. And frankly in Hyderabad there is no inspiration at all! Anyways, I have been contemplating whether to write this post or not. I mean you read the title, its about FITNESS for God’s sake! As you have seen my pictures, you know I am not fit at all. Infact I am not even close to being fit.

Frankly I wasn’t bothered about fitness or weight loss or acne. I am was that kind of girl. I wouldn’t say I was happy, but I was content. But then life took few unexpected turns and made me realise a hell lot of things. It made me realise my own worth. I realised how ignorant I was regarding my ownself. How selfless I was with myself. I knew I had to do something about it, it was high time.

I din’t want anything major happening in life(like losing 20 kgs in 4 months). I have major hormonal imbalances and reducing this much weight easily was not an option for me.When I decided to start working out, I knew its a long road, and the process is going to be slow. I had to be patient and motivated. I am listing a few things which helped me start.


I am not the person who can be motivated easily. I needed negative motivation. I convinced myself saying that I am a loser who cannot be bothered to love herself. Frankly this is how I started! I kept looking at myself in the mirror, checked my weight almost everyday. Saw all the pretty clothes which wouldn’t look good on me with all the weight but would look good once I lose weight.My parents gave me a hell lot of negative motivation too. So all in all negative motivation was my go to factor.


I was in hostel for 4 years which means lots of junk and unhealthy food. I did not do any sort of crash dieting   or even detox diet. I started slow. I started with avoiding junk completely. By completely I mean not even once a week Then I started with cutting down on ghee,oil and cheese and them moved on to avoiding carbs as much as possible. Then I consulted a dietician who consulted me to cut my meals into 8 small meals. It was difficult when I started, but then I got used to it. She also advised me to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet to avoid weakness. One major tip, AVOID CARBS AT NIGHT. Its a little difficult, but I am getting there.


I am not the person who can lose weight by just dieting. It doesn’t help. Dieting only prevents my body from gaining weight, it doesn’t help me lose the 22 years of fat I have stored in my body. So I knew I would have to slog my ass off to lose the over and extra meat in my body. And of course I hate going to the gym. I mean come on who likes it. But I love dancing. I cannot express how much I love dancing. So instead of going to the gym, I started with ZUMBA. While warming up, we do basic exercises. And per session of zumba helped me lose 700 calories, which I think for a starter is pretty decent. Zumba was followed by joining Bollywood dance. So I dance 6 days a week. And that made me lose weight, which in turn helped me gain muscle mass. And the result is my stamina has boosted so much. And from the mid of next month I ll be joining gym to tone my body.


I complimented myself on losing weight. I appreciated myself for atleast trying if not achieving the goal completely. What also helped me was telling people. I kept bragging to my friends about my weight loss which made me so happy and motivated me to lose more and more. In return my friends keep asking me all the time about my weight loss which motivates me to lose more, so I could brag a li’l more ;).

The above things mentioned was my experience on how by doing small things made me lose little weight. I am not saying it helps a lot. But every small thing counts and the first step is to start. Once you start losing weight, you would actually do things which you wouldn’t do before like going to the gym or skip eating dessert.

So these small tips and tricks helped me lose 16 kgs in 9 months. Its not too much, but its SOMETHING! Its a slow and easy process. I need to lose another 15-20 kgs to get a decent body and I have given myself 10 months time to do that.

My next goal is to lose another 5 kgs by 17 sep (my birthday). Difficult? I don’t think so!

I am going to do this everyday to lose weight. A small fact and inspiration-

If my story has motivated you in any way, do tell me. And if you have a similar story please share with us.

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As you all know I am not in delhi anymore. I have moved to my hometown which actually is a small town in Tamilnadu. As I have come here, I cannot wear my western clothes! Because its considered ‘ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘indecent’. In this 21st century we still cannot wear what we want. I know how to dress. I shall never wear shorts or skirts to temples or anywhere which might make people uncomfortable. But then when you are actually wearing decent clothes and even then people come and stare at you, what shall one do?
Once I went to buy few vegetables. I was wearing a kurti (which was not even close to being a deep neck) and leggings. An old lady came and adviced me, rather told me in front of a vendor to wear dupatta. I got so furious. I felt like slapping her. But she was old and I did not even tell her anything. She spoilt my image and respect in front a male vendor. That spoilt my image and not me not wearing a dupatta. I cannot wear a burkha and go to places. That’s not who I am. And I have seen a hell lot of tamilians coming and telling north Indian girls to dress properly. I’m sorry if I’m being linguistic, but this is a problem I have been facing since my childhood. Why should somebody bother about a person completely unrelated to you tell you what to and what not to wear. If you want the society to be good and help, then teach your freaking sons and husbands not to stare at girls.
When I was in the market, middle aged fat ass men were staring and making sounds. How cheap is that? I thought south india is safer as there are lesser rape cases when compared to north india. But I realized that these men do not have the balls to rape someone. They can sit and pass comments like idiots. So pissed off!
By this post I just mean to say that where should one draw a line? What does the society expect from a girl? What is dressing appropriately and decently? I seriously need answers!


Hey guys. I know I have been MIA since a long time. As you know I am moving back to my hometown things are crazy at my end. Packing and shifting is taking all my time and patience. I miss interacting with you guys and blogging. But soon I shall bombard you with posts.
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