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Yesterday I had gone out for some shopping. Need I explain how much I love doing it. The rush you get while shopping is just amazing. I don’t feel happy only when I shop, rather I get the same rush even if someone else shops (ofcourse with my suggestions 😉 ). I love shopping and its my best exercise. As Carrie Bradshaw says, “shopping is my cardio”. True that. It must be a cliché but im a die hard lover of the SATC’s and have watched all the seasons more than 6 times and both movies uncountable times.
So now in this post im posting the pictures of my recent haul. I always thought shopping from local shops aint good. But I was proved wrong. I found some amazing stuff in the local shops. But one should definitely have an eye to shop like this regarding the fabric and stitching. These are my priorities when I shop. If im not satisfied with the fabric, no matter how much ever cheap the piece is I will never buy. You should never buy cheap looking clothes. In my opinion the fabric of the clothes you wear tells a lot about you, of course the shoes do that too.
Here comes the best part. The pictures. 
this piece is not one of my favorites. I hope i wear it.
So this is what I shopped when it came to clothes. I am very satisfied with whatever I shopped. Will do outfit posts wearing all my new buys. The sad part is i don’t get to go out these days. Will share the story of my sad life later.
I had bought 2 pairs of footwear on sunday from Pavers England. I always wondered as to why are they so expensive. What is so special about the brand that they charge high prices. Once i visited the shop and tried the footwear, I knew the reason. They are so comfortable. Even the heels are comfortable. Loved the collection and their idea of comfort footwear. We need more brands like these who encourage such a great thing.
The footwear i bought were-
This is the most comfy footwear I own. Its like walking on cushion when you wear it.
These are the super comfy wedges. In love with them. I am going to purchase another footwear from them.
I hope you all liked my haul. Do tell me your favorite pieces from the haul.
Sorry for the long and picture heavy post. I couldn’t stop writing. If you have shopped anything, share it with me. 
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