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REVIEW – BBLUNT anti-frizz leave-in cream

The importance of good and healthy hair is something we have all read about. We always want to look our best, and our hair plays a major role in making us look good. With every season change, our hair behaves differently and all of us have different hair types. But one common problem we face is frizzy hair. Some day or the other, you experience this dull, frizziness in your hair which spoils your entire look.
I have very fine straight and almost silky hair. I would lie if I said my hair is always frizzy. But lately because of the move and water and weather change, my hair has lost its sheen and is very tangly and frizzy after wash. Since I have silky fine hair, applying serums make my hair look flatter and greasy. So I generally avoid serums. But that dint solve my problem. After being frustrated and dealing with hair issues,  I finally got the opportunity to try this anti-frizz leave-in cream by BBLUNT. And the best part about it is, its from their climate control category. This is exactly the solution to my problem.


BBLUNTClimate control anti-frizz leave-in cream

Quantity – 150g

Price – INR 450

A few highlights of the product:

– It is very light in texture and leaves the hair smooth without making it look greasy.
– If you have straight hair, it does not make your hair look limp.
– It does not have a strong smell so it is very good for people who have allergy issues.
– Only a small amount of product is required. Hence, it’s basically a good investment product.
– Combing and styling hair post using this becomes very easy and time saving.
– The product claims that its specially curated for Indian hair and also protects from environmental and heat styling damage.

How to use:

– After washing your hair, towel dry your hair. (do not use hair dryer).
– Once you’re done drying, take a little amount of the cream (about 6-7 pumps for medium to long hair) on your palm and apply in on the middle and ends of your hair.
– After applying scrunch your hair a little so that the product is evenly applied.
– Strictly avoid applying it on the scalp, else you’ll end up with a greasy scalp.

Voila, you now have smooth, tamable hair!


Expectation vs Reality – 4/5

Quantity – 4.5/5

Pricing – 4/5

Packaging – 4.5/5

Availability – 3/5

Will I repurchase –  Yes

The product is available on various online stores and all BBLUNT salons.
This products works well for me. I am a person who doesn’t likes to use a lot of product on the hair,and I have been using this one quite often. I’m in love with it. A must try for those dealing with crazy hair post hair wash.

Wearable FALL/WINTER trends 2013

Hey lovelies, how are you doing? I am doing ok. My birthday was a disaster. And coining it ‘THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!’ wouldn’t be wrong. But I did pamper myself and shopped a lot. I kept in mind the FALL trends and bought some pretty clothes and make up.

We must not follow trends blindly.Well we have heard this statement  a ghazillion times but we sometimes become victims of fashion. Thigh high boots are major runway favorite this F/W’13, but let’s face it, its not practical to wear them here in India. Wearing them just because they are trendy is foolishness. Its not that cold here in India.Not even in Kashmir!(except Leh though!).
Anyways thats the reason My post title has the word ‘wearable’. I am listing a few FALL trends to revamp your wardrobe for FALL.
FALL colours:
The moment you hear Fall, you think oxblood is THE colour!Not this year ladies. Hues of green(pantone colour), purple, scarlet and navy and royal blues are the colours you need to OD on this Fall. Apart from Winter staples like black and grey, fill your wardrobe with these colours. They look brilliant.


Now this is something I loved. No drama in clothes and simple sleek cuts,crisp shirts with well tailored trousers and beautiful trench coats is something we saw. This kind of look is great for office and formal looks. Who said office has to be boring? Minimalism with style is how I like!


Well that’s not something I coined, I also don’t know who coined it. But I like it!. Well slogos are t-shirts with slogans or anything written on them. So to add some quirk to those gloomy days slogos come in handy. They are available in colours and with funny things written on t-shirts. I am going to OD on this trend. Cant blame myself!

Winter Whites:

Yes, you read that right! I know whites are completely reserved for the summers, but this time the designers decided to break the rules and went for whites this winter. Well if you are a rule follower, then you may not like this. But a person like me who loves her whites, couldn’t be happier!

Plaid,tartans and checks:

The designers took inspiration from the men’s closet and decided to use checks and plaids in their collection. While androgyny has a become a huge roar these days, they took it one step ahead with a variety of checks and plaid. I know there is not a very fun way of wearing plaid, but it makes very good for a meeting or any formal occasion, where you want to look fashionable yet formal.

Slick straight hair and minimal make up:

I absolutely love the hair and make up trends for this fall. Its minimal make up, light blushed pink cheeks, light eye shadow and bold or nude lips. And my poker straight hair is like a boon because this fall slick staright wet hair is being embraced! All that I love about make up and hair put together in one season. Me likes!

straight hair and slicked back ponytail
soft make up with bold or nude lips
metallic and subtle smokey eyes

These trends are pretty wearable and buy investment pieces which are classics and can be recycled and reused. I did not mention COATS, because its very obvious and staple for the winters. If you want me to do a post on where to buy trendy clothes and how to wear them, then leave a comment or shoot me a mail.

The Faux Bob

Hola! I see people with bob cuts and cannot help but think about the time when I had a bob as a child, just like Anna Wintour with front bangs. I loved my hairstyle, and having naturally poker straight hair, bangs and bob really suited me. But as I became a teenager, I wanted to grow my hair and wanted long hair like Rapunzel. I have always had medium length hair until lately, where suddenly something happened with my hair and they grew real fast. Even though I love my long locks, I miss my short bob and front bangs.
Personally, I love women who have bob haircuts. Bobs look very chic and stylish. And I have only seen really confident and stylish women having bobs at a mature age. While I love bob cut hair, I do not have the courage to cut my hair short. But my love for bob awakened when I saw Ritu Arya’s blog and her super chic bob haircut. I complimented her and she said graciously accepted it and suggested me to go get a bob done considering I have straight hair as it looks really nice. But ofcourse I do not have the courage. But then she mentioned to me that in her recent post she featured a faux bob! And I was like ‘whaaaaaaaat!!!’ . I loved it! And I immediately searched youtube for tutorial ‘HOW TO MAKE A FAUX BOB’. So many people have uploaded videos and I thought in my head, ‘whoa, I din’t even know so many people know how to do this’. Anywhoo I saw a lot of videos, but found a famous hair vlogger Luxyhair’s video the most helpful.

You can see her video here. Its very helpful and so easy.

So this is how my faux bob looked. Surprisingly it looked so real and so neat. I trolled a lot of people by sending my picture and saying I got my hair cut short. They were super shocked and my bestie even screamed at me! It was fun.

Look how neat and real it looks from  the behind.

I suggest everybody to try this. It was so nice to look myself in the mirror with short hair. I am going to try this again.

If you try this too, then please do share your experience and pictures.