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Review- maybelline color show glitter mania shade all that glitters 601

Hello you lovely people,or just a person. My lack of blogging has made me lose my blog readers which is sad, but doesn’t stop me from blogging now and then. I try to blog but no Internet connectivity and no laptop is the reason why im unable to blog. Anywhoo im here today to review the new range of nail paints by maybelline. They are called glitter mania. The word glitter was enough for me to go raid them.

My love for gold is eternal and with a hell lot of weddings to attend, glittery gold was the best option to buy.


Brand: Maybelline

Shade : all tha glitters 601

Range : Color show Glitter mania

Quantity : 6 ml

Price : INR 125

The shade is not very golden-ey, rather its gold toned champagne shade. It looks stunning on my complexion I.e wheatish complexion. Two coats of it is enough to give proper colour and shine. The paint doesn’t chip for about 4-5 days(i.e if applied without topcoat), and post that the glittering effect starts to wear out. I think thats awesome. Normally nail paints start chipping real soon. This range of nail paints do not have lot of glitter and shine, but just the right amount of glitter to add that much needed glamour to your look. The packaging is neat and classy, it looks exactly like the colour show nail paints. This range has 8 shades which is superb and im dying to buy all of them.


Shade: 5/5

Durability : 5/5

Shine : 4.5/5

Product availability : 5/5 (available almost everywhere)

Will I repurchase : yes!

Overall verdict : 4.75/5

All in all this product is a must buy. For the price offered, this is one of the best products launched in the recent times. Maybelline has proved itself yet again. They have improvised themselves in every way possible. Not only are the products really good, also the branding is appreciating. A very impressive work by maybelline.


These pictures have been taken in natural lighting without flash.


Hello everybody. This might be the last post in this old look. Im excited to be giving the blog a makeover. Thank you all for supporting me.
Today’s post, is about the F/W collection from DOLCE&GABBANA woman. The snippets are from their ad campaign. The theme of their fall winter 2013 collection is BAROQUE, which means a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, etc. the style started around 1600 in Rome, Italy. So basically their designs are roman inspired.
The F/W ’13 collection had lace detailing, gold embroidery, cross stitching in the collection. The gold embroidery and the use of floral tapestry just takes the outfit to a whole new level and gives it an amazing look. The collection is extremely elegant and poise. The base colour of the collection is black and different elements have been used around the colour.
I am in love with the collection. This collection is my style. If I get a chance I would wear something like this . I like every bit of the collection, from the clothes, to the accessories, to the shoes. What is there not to like in it. I guess we are not over with lace yet. I am not disappointed.
Take a look at the pictures.
These are a few snippets from the collection.
How beautiful is it. im loving everything. I cannot pick a favourite. Everything is so magical and beautiful. I wish I could just get one of these gorgeous pieces.
I am new at this and pardon me if I have made any mistakes. I would love your suggestions and rectify the mistakes done if any.
                                                                        Love, Sindhu
p.s-The images do not belong to ‘Its not just fashion’.