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What to wear to a music festival ~ the modern BOHO



With globalisation happening at a rapid rate, India has become one of those countries where almost everything happens. We are no longer left behind. We have the best of parties to attend. American series and movies give us an idea about their music fests like tomorrowland and something like Coachella. We as indians are always attracted to what americans do and now we don’t have something as good as tomorrowland, but we have so many music fests happening in India at various parts of the country. Now what to wear to such an event. Well ideally, wearing denim shorts, ganji or a gingham shirt with boots and sunglasses feels the safest option. But going ‘BOHO’takes the outfit to another level! Well I do not have the body to carry shorts, I chose the next comfortable option, leggings. I wanted to go dark and hence chose an all black outfit.



Fringe and boho go hand in hand and I wore chose to wear a fringed kimono. And the lace gave the feminine touch that the outfit craved. A fringe bag would also would also do the trick. The black silver and gold combo neckpiece from topshop is my absolute fav jewellery piece that I own. It is a versatile piece and goes with almost everything.



Don’t even get me started on my super crazy head turning awesome leopard print shoes. This is one of those pieces which I thought I am impulsively buying, but eventually it turned out to be the most sane thing I have ever bought fashionably. I have a crazy incident with these shoes and I couldn’t be more petrified. But that doesn’t make me love them less. A leopard print ankle-length boots screams music fest and is the fiercest thing you can own.





I borrowed(read begged) these super cool sunglasses from my sister to complete my outfit . I wore two rings and bangles. Accessories wise you could do more by wearing midi rings .But since my style is fuss-free I  took the simple route. Braiding a section of my hair seemed so apt. You could add more braids and look super stylish. Voila you’re ready for the fest! This look would also be apt for a road trip with friends.


Photo courtesy : Abhijith Chandradas Photography

Kimono : Sarojni nagar(delhi)

leggings: Mango

shoes: Zara

Tank: splash

neckpiece: Topshop

Sunglasses: Stylefiesta

Bangles: Forever 21

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Can I call it an outfit post?

Hey there! Well I know the post title is a little silly. Ok very silly! But the lack of a photographer seems to be never ending. No one would click good individual pictures of mine even on my birthday! I din’t just make up things when I mentioned that my birthday sucked. But I anyways got a few pictures which I managed to crop for you guys. I attended a party which I call my pre bday party on the weekend before my birthday and just went out for a lunch on my birthday( I guess thats what 23 year olds do. Meh!). Anywhoo, I wore perfect outfits for day and nights. For the night party I wore an oxidised gold top with skinnies and a neon statement necklace. For the day I wore a scarlet shirt with skinnies and accessorized appropriately for the day. Hues of gold and scralet are so FALL and work great against Indian skintones. I completely loved how I styled myself, just wish had better pictures. Never mind!


Top: Mango
Neck piece: Forever 21
Heels: Miss Sixty


Shirt: Spring break
Neck piece: Aldo
Bracelet: Accesorize
Shoes: Shop in Delhi
Bag: Miss Sixty

I know the editing is funny. Well, I can explain, but I dont want to bore you with that.

P.S. I am excited to wear ear cuffs and walk on Hyderabad streets(you have no idea how it is here!)

Wearable FALL/WINTER trends 2013

Hey lovelies, how are you doing? I am doing ok. My birthday was a disaster. And coining it ‘THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!’ wouldn’t be wrong. But I did pamper myself and shopped a lot. I kept in mind the FALL trends and bought some pretty clothes and make up.

We must not follow trends blindly.Well we have heard this statement  a ghazillion times but we sometimes become victims of fashion. Thigh high boots are major runway favorite this F/W’13, but let’s face it, its not practical to wear them here in India. Wearing them just because they are trendy is foolishness. Its not that cold here in India.Not even in Kashmir!(except Leh though!).
Anyways thats the reason My post title has the word ‘wearable’. I am listing a few FALL trends to revamp your wardrobe for FALL.
FALL colours:
The moment you hear Fall, you think oxblood is THE colour!Not this year ladies. Hues of green(pantone colour), purple, scarlet and navy and royal blues are the colours you need to OD on this Fall. Apart from Winter staples like black and grey, fill your wardrobe with these colours. They look brilliant.


Now this is something I loved. No drama in clothes and simple sleek cuts,crisp shirts with well tailored trousers and beautiful trench coats is something we saw. This kind of look is great for office and formal looks. Who said office has to be boring? Minimalism with style is how I like!


Well that’s not something I coined, I also don’t know who coined it. But I like it!. Well slogos are t-shirts with slogans or anything written on them. So to add some quirk to those gloomy days slogos come in handy. They are available in colours and with funny things written on t-shirts. I am going to OD on this trend. Cant blame myself!

Winter Whites:

Yes, you read that right! I know whites are completely reserved for the summers, but this time the designers decided to break the rules and went for whites this winter. Well if you are a rule follower, then you may not like this. But a person like me who loves her whites, couldn’t be happier!

Plaid,tartans and checks:

The designers took inspiration from the men’s closet and decided to use checks and plaids in their collection. While androgyny has a become a huge roar these days, they took it one step ahead with a variety of checks and plaid. I know there is not a very fun way of wearing plaid, but it makes very good for a meeting or any formal occasion, where you want to look fashionable yet formal.

Slick straight hair and minimal make up:

I absolutely love the hair and make up trends for this fall. Its minimal make up, light blushed pink cheeks, light eye shadow and bold or nude lips. And my poker straight hair is like a boon because this fall slick staright wet hair is being embraced! All that I love about make up and hair put together in one season. Me likes!

straight hair and slicked back ponytail
soft make up with bold or nude lips
metallic and subtle smokey eyes

These trends are pretty wearable and buy investment pieces which are classics and can be recycled and reused. I did not mention COATS, because its very obvious and staple for the winters. If you want me to do a post on where to buy trendy clothes and how to wear them, then leave a comment or shoot me a mail.

REVIEW- Spring Break online store

Hello you lovely people. I know I might only have a few readers left now because of my inconsistency in blogging. But the thing is I am not unhappy or disheartened. I knew this would happen. I do not have the aim to commercialize my blog, because that would mean serious attention to it and few other things. So I write for myself and a few loyal readers I have. Well my birthday month begins from tomorrow(yay!). I am a sucker for birthdays. I will be turning twenty freaking three years on the 17th of september, but I am still 18! Something is wrong and perhaps I need a reality check. So even though im gonna be this old, I still get super excited for birthdays. I might not even celebrate it, but I just get excited. So I start shopping for my birthday very much in advance. I got a pretty glittery top from mango a month back for my birthday!

As I have moved to Hyderabad, I have stopped shopping much, well because shopping here sucks! I hate this place when it comes to clothes, shopping, fashion. So I generally online shop. And while I was browsing sites to sites to find whatever good I like, I found so many good things I could buy. Even though I had no agenda as to what I need to buy, I knew I wanted something which is my style and I wanted to buy ‘fall’ pieces.

The last month was perfect to shop because of the numerous sales. Few sites have sales even now. I was pretty sure I wanted to buy anything from the sale section. I also browsed only sites which actually had fashionable clothes at affordable prices. I skipped myntra and yebhi and fashion and you.
I jumped to the site Spring Break. I came to know about this site via blogger styldrv who has her collection on the site. I was pretty sure that the collection would be good as she herself had monitored the pieces and her fashion sense is brilliant. So I hopped to the sale section and started browsing. I liked two shirts and both look very similar. The only difference was the colour and the collar and the hem line. So now you would call me a fool for ordering similar things. But I loved them so much that I dint want to leave any of it. The colours are perfect for ‘fall’- scarlet and bottle green!

The best part was there was an additional 20% off scheme on sale item thing running on the site. So apart from the shirts being on off, I got an additional off of 20% on them. Yes I am lucky!

When I ordered the shirts, I knew they would look fab, but I wasn’t sure of the quality. I kind of knew that the quality would not be that good. But for the price I was paying, I frankly din’t mind.

I placed the order on 24th august at 4 PM, and I received the order on 26th august afternoon. And I dont stay in Mumbai! So the early delivery was such a good thing. Check!

Now when I received it, it was in perfect condition and decently packed. The packing was nothing fancy. Very simple transparent paper packing with spring break written on it. Check!

Then when I looked at it, the colours looked brilliant. I instantly fell in love with them. I tried them on immediately, and they fit like a dream. Check!

Now the bad part- quality. The quality of the product is really bad. Polyster with bad quality thread used for sewing which was very much visible. And on top of that the use of cheap buttons was what I disliked the most about it. The least they could do was use good quality buttons. The products originally cost 1400 INR and 1200 INR, but were available for sale at 600 INR each and I got an additional 20% off. The entire order with cash on delivery charges costed me 820 INR, which is like ridiculously cheap. If I had not bought those shirts on sale, I would have definitely returned them. The quality for the price they have originally charged is really high and they must consider amending a few things.

An instagram pic of the order.I would have an outfit post soon wearing them.


Delivery: 5/5

Packaging: 3.5/5

Original Pricing: 1.5/5

Sale pricing:5/5


Overall Rating: 3/5 (approx)

All in all I would say, the site has very fashionable pieces. My only suggestion is that they either improve the quality of the product or lower their prices. Everything else is good. I am not sure I would shop again from the site. May be if I find something good at throw away price, I might end up buying.


 I wasn’t paid or compensated in any manner to write this. The review is honest and with no intention to defame or degrade any person or shop.

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      Life is going through a rough patch, which means bad mood,bad health and a hell lot of bad things. So I decided to take a really short break and go out with my family on a teeni-tiny holiday.
As It was a 2 day trip, I was not ALLOWED to carry a lot of things. So as much as I wanted to carry my heels, I had to go with flats because ballet flats are comfortable and I had to do a lot of walking.

The mustard yellow is a colour which is very much in trend. We have seen that in the EMMY’S and so I decided to wear this top which has roman kinda sleeves and a sequined neckline. There is not a thing I dislike about it.
I wore it with my favourite black skinnies and ballet flats.

Gold accessories are best bet with yellow. And by now you all know ‘FALL’ is incomplete without the ‘oxblood’ colour, so I painted my nails with this gorgeous colour.

This red rose hair grip was love at first sight. I saw it and immediately purchased it. This was a perfect pop of red which my outfit demanded. Im wearing nude lips to keep things simple.

Top- Madame (gift)
Black skinnies- Levi’s
Bag- Miss sixty
Flats- Carlton London
Watch- Aldo
Bangles- Aldo
Rose hair grip- Ginger
On my lips- Coco chic (faces)