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If you guys follow my blog,you would have not seen any post from my side or any activity on twitter and facebook. I apologise for that.But situations were not favourable at my end. I have moved back to my hometown.Its a small district called ERODE, which is in TAMILNADU. Moving back from Delhi is a huge change.I am obviously not satisfied.But then again, home is home! The blog shall be updated from this town only.
I promise to keep posting and keep you updated with all the things about fashion and other things!I hope you all had a great time. Missed you all lovely readers.
top-FOREVER 21
white pumps-lifestyle
I love everything about this top. Its fabric is flowy, its asymmetrical, floral. So this top is a perfect example of   whats in trend. The colour is my favourite. I went OTT with ALDO. These are my favourite pieces. I love ALDO accessories. Everything I am wearing except the trousers are new. So I super love everything. For me this is the best outfit I have ever put.
How did you all like it?Please do comment.

Work Wear Worked Out- OOTD

Hello ladies, and hello if there are any gentlemen. How was the weekend and how are you handling the Monday blues? Mine was good and bad respectively. I know I sometimes whine a lot. I was a little disheartened to see my blog did not have as much viewers as it had the second and third day.  I had this weird feeling, a feeling of losing something. Then I realized its just been 6 days since I started writing. Things take time. Nobody  succeeds overnight. But I cant help it. I am a virgo. Perfection is in my nature. But I made myself understand and I am feeling ok.
So today’s outfit post is to show how you can dress formally and yet be stylish. You need not wear those boring  black trousers and striped or plain colour shirts. So many stylish clothes are available these days which have revolutionized formal dressing for woman. There are two trends which I personally love when it comes to formal dressing, pussy bow ties and pencil skirts. Today im featuring pussy bow tie top with trousers which I love.
Take a look-

trousers-dockers, bag- zara, shoes- carlton london, neck piece– FOREVER 21, watch-polo club, top- GK-M block
On nails-maybelline
The material of the blouse and the trouser is so comfortable, I think its the best for summers. I would say the same thing again, that I believe in comfortable dressing and if you have to sit in the office for hours then you should definitely dress comfortably. By the way, I love this statement neck piece. Its ivory colour makes it look very elegant. Comfortable+stylish= win win.
You can wear something like this, to office, to a meeting or to a formal lunch. You can change the accessories and get different looks according to the purpose.
I hope my post helped you out.
Do tell me your work wear essentials and share your thoughts on my post.


                                                                    love, Sindhu