Birthday month and the goal

Hey fellas, if you are a loyal reader of my blog, it would be surprising to see me write a post this soon! I am surprised too. But I actually have things to write about, so I thought why not. I want to share a few things with you guys. So I have decided to write down them to you.
Well for starters, my birthday month has begun (Happy dance)! Birthdays kinda mean new beginnings to me. Hence I get super excited and try to fix things and improve my life in any possible way. The more writing and attending my blog is one of the things I have decided to do. And I am off to a good start I believe.
Now if you had read my post on FITNESS, I had mentioned that I wanted to lose another 5 kgs for my birthday. Well that hasn’t happened yet! I need to lose 2 more kilos to reach the goal weight I had set for my birthday. So starting from today, I would have 15 days left for my birthday and I intend to lose 2 kilos by then. I may not be successful, but I am going to try. I might lose atleast one kilo and that matters!

This is how I am going to reach my goal-

1. STOP eating junk.
2.Apart from dancing and zumba I am going to go for a morning walk for atleast half an hour.
3.Drink more water.
4.Follow my diet schedule (which I haven’t been following) of cutting my meals into 8 small meals.
5.Take more part in household chores. (every bit counts)
6.As I am kinda jobless these days, I spend a lot of time sitting and watching a hell lot of movies, So for every hour I sit, I would take a small 5 minute walk at home itself. (Remember every bit counts)
7.Follow everything I mentioned above.

So if you want lo lose some weight or have a goal set like me, then you could take some inspiration from above and start. Its never too late for anything. I could be your virtual fitness buddy, and you could be mine.
If you have a few tips then do share.
Lets all together take one step forward towards a healthy life.

I have finally realised this. Have you?

I know its a long road for me. I am nowhere close to my goal weight. But hey I am trying so i wouldn’t regret. Inspire and motivate yourself and please start taking care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Worship it!

2 thoughts on “Birthday month and the goal

  1. cosmochics

    U will reach your goals dear! Just eat right! and remember that you have to do it for yourself , because you want to do it, and not because its a trend or for people's sake!
    Have fun:)

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