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How to wear the DENIM trend for the curvy girl

That’s how funny an actual candid pic looks!

                                                                                        Outfit details:

                                                                                 Jeans : Levi’s curve id
                                                                           Tank top : Marks & Spencer
                                                                                      Shirt: Benetton
                                                                              Bag : A shop in Malaysia 
                                                                                  Footwear : Westside
                                                                                       Watch : Aldo

DENIM is the biggest trend this season. And we couldn’t be happier. I have always said that I am a denim girl and you would always find me in a denim. Denim is a versatile wear and it can be worn in many ways and at any time of the day. Dress it up or dress it down, it can be styled in a gazillion ways.
Jeans are my most favourite thing and a wardrobe staple. I just cannot do without my favourite pair of Jeans. And my go-to brand when it comes to denims is Levi’s . Even though there are several brands now which sell good quality jeans, I’ll always go for Levi’s. I wear the curve id range, bold curve. If your butt is heavy then this is what you should be wearing. Even though I wear bold curve, I need to wear a belt because the jeans fits me perfectly at my hips and is loose on my waist. Trust me I do not exaggerate when I say I have a KIM K butt 😀 .
I prefer wearing a darker shade as it camouflages my problem area. But I did buy a lighter shade denim which I dint wear but I turned it into distressed denims which I love to wear though that’s rare too. Well the point is that you need to camouflage(cover/hide) your problem area.
Flare pants are back and I love flared jeans. But I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet, hence I am wearing my lovely skinny jeans. This is a very casual way of wearing your jeans. I shall try to post outfit pictures where I style my denims in a completely different manner.
Fake it till you make it! 😉

                       Till the next time,


My experience with

When you are addicted to shopping and wouldn’t compromise on fashion, living in a small town is no less than a house arrest. Well consider me on a house arrest. Having been brought up in Chennai and after staying in Delhi for 4 years and hyderabad for a brief period, now I am in my hometown Erode(Tamilnadu). This town has no place to shop and let’s not even talk about fashion and Erode in the same sentence. So I guess you get a pretty good picture of what I mean! So for a person like me and I am sure for many of you out there, online shopping is the saviour. It’s my Knight in shining armor. Literally!
So I got an opportunity to shop with . I literally jumped at the opportunity since I had been planning to shop from them for a while now. Their interesting scrapbooks gives an idea about how you can wear a certain item. And the best thing is they not only sell clothes and accessories, they have a wide range of home decor. So as far as the whole site is concerned, I love it.
So I wanted to buy a top for myself and I clicked the clothing section and filtered it to tops thinking it might narrow down to few things. But boy I was wrong. They have a lot of varieties to choose from. They stock a lot of good brands too. As far as variety is concerned, it won my heart!
I began searching and searching. I scrolled through every possible thing. I noticed that there were clothes of certain brands that are unknown and a little pricey. That was my only concern actually. A teeny tiny dissappointment there. But the overall pricing and discounts are average.
The last step checkout is always one hell of a ride for a person who lives in a small town. I always prefer cash on delivery and my cousin who shopped from the site last year mentioned there was no cod for my town. But I was so happy to see that they now had COD for my town too. Yay. I placed the order and they claimed to deliver it in about 5 days.
Well I did receive my order in 5 days and in perfect condition and the top fits me very well. That package did bring a smile on my face.
Overall I had a good shopping experience with LimeRoad. My only advice would be to be sure of the sizes before ordering and also zoom in well and read the description properly to know the material details.
To know what I shopped, you might have to wait as I’m planning to do an outfit post on it.
If you have shopped from the site already or planning to shop from them do give a review and share your experience.
              Till the next time,