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The Faux Bob

Hola! I see people with bob cuts and cannot help but think about the time when I had a bob as a child, just like Anna Wintour with front bangs. I loved my hairstyle, and having naturally poker straight hair, bangs and bob really suited me. But as I became a teenager, I wanted to grow my hair and wanted long hair like Rapunzel. I have always had medium length hair until lately, where suddenly something happened with my hair and they grew real fast. Even though I love my long locks, I miss my short bob and front bangs.
Personally, I love women who have bob haircuts. Bobs look very chic and stylish. And I have only seen really confident and stylish women having bobs at a mature age. While I love bob cut hair, I do not have the courage to cut my hair short. But my love for bob awakened when I saw Ritu Arya’s blog and her super chic bob haircut. I complimented her and she said graciously accepted it and suggested me to go get a bob done considering I have straight hair as it looks really nice. But ofcourse I do not have the courage. But then she mentioned to me that in her recent post she featured a faux bob! And I was like ‘whaaaaaaaat!!!’ . I loved it! And I immediately searched youtube for tutorial ‘HOW TO MAKE A FAUX BOB’. So many people have uploaded videos and I thought in my head, ‘whoa, I din’t even know so many people know how to do this’. Anywhoo I saw a lot of videos, but found a famous hair vlogger Luxyhair’s video the most helpful.

You can see her video here. Its very helpful and so easy.

So this is how my faux bob looked. Surprisingly it looked so real and so neat. I trolled a lot of people by sending my picture and saying I got my hair cut short. They were super shocked and my bestie even screamed at me! It was fun.

Look how neat and real it looks from  the behind.

I suggest everybody to try this. It was so nice to look myself in the mirror with short hair. I am going to try this again.

If you try this too, then please do share your experience and pictures.

Birthday month and the goal

Hey fellas, if you are a loyal reader of my blog, it would be surprising to see me write a post this soon! I am surprised too. But I actually have things to write about, so I thought why not. I want to share a few things with you guys. So I have decided to write down them to you.
Well for starters, my birthday month has begun (Happy dance)! Birthdays kinda mean new beginnings to me. Hence I get super excited and try to fix things and improve my life in any possible way. The more writing and attending my blog is one of the things I have decided to do. And I am off to a good start I believe.
Now if you had read my post on FITNESS, I had mentioned that I wanted to lose another 5 kgs for my birthday. Well that hasn’t happened yet! I need to lose 2 more kilos to reach the goal weight I had set for my birthday. So starting from today, I would have 15 days left for my birthday and I intend to lose 2 kilos by then. I may not be successful, but I am going to try. I might lose atleast one kilo and that matters!

This is how I am going to reach my goal-

1. STOP eating junk.
2.Apart from dancing and zumba I am going to go for a morning walk for atleast half an hour.
3.Drink more water.
4.Follow my diet schedule (which I haven’t been following) of cutting my meals into 8 small meals.
5.Take more part in household chores. (every bit counts)
6.As I am kinda jobless these days, I spend a lot of time sitting and watching a hell lot of movies, So for every hour I sit, I would take a small 5 minute walk at home itself. (Remember every bit counts)
7.Follow everything I mentioned above.

So if you want lo lose some weight or have a goal set like me, then you could take some inspiration from above and start. Its never too late for anything. I could be your virtual fitness buddy, and you could be mine.
If you have a few tips then do share.
Lets all together take one step forward towards a healthy life.

I have finally realised this. Have you?

I know its a long road for me. I am nowhere close to my goal weight. But hey I am trying so i wouldn’t regret. Inspire and motivate yourself and please start taking care of yourself. Your body is your temple. Worship it!