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No photographer=No good photos

Hello there. Its been a while that I have posted anything on the blog. But you know me. Sometimes I just forget everything and do my own thing. If you follow me on twitter , you would read all my ramblings and fun stuff about me. I have been thinking if I should be more personal on my blog or just stick to strict business. I don’t want to bore people with my personal stuff. But then I realised, who am I kidding! My target audience is girls and almost every girl is interested in other’s life. (no offence). See I got personal, I gave my view. I hope I don’t get punished  criticized for this.

Well well, I have begged people to tell me if they know any reasonable,freelance photographer in Hyderabad and I have got NO RESPONSE! I have been wearing so many outfits but no pics :(. So here are  single pics of 3 outfits which I recently wore.


I wore this is outfit for a day trip to a small town. I wanted to be comfy, so I wore this over sized quirky print crop top with my really stretchy red pants. And chose heart print scarf to wrap myself. And my all time favourite beige bag was obviously there.



I wore this paisley tunic for a day out for shopping. I was in the process of getting ready when I got this pic clicked. I paired it with light blue denims and red lips! I love this tunic, its comfy and the print is my favourite.
JEANS(not seen)- LEVI’S


This is my favourite outfit.I wore this to my cousin’s birthday dinner. The really ruffled sleeves made me skip a statement neckpiece, hence I wore this really cute blingy heart chain. This copper oversized clutch and peeptoes are my new buys and I love ’em like anything. I shall wear the outfit again and click better pictures.


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When you live in India and when you’re all set to get married or already married, people expect you to wear sarees and suits, in short expect you to be really traditional. But when you are a modern girl and a fashionista, that’s the last thing you wanna do, look traditional! Since I am in Hyderabad, I have been missing fashion and style more than anything. This place has its own style, which ofcourse is not my style. When you are amidst all this, all you want is to look at people and clothes that inspire you and make you believe that yes someone out there is always there to inspire you.

Well talking about sarees, I am not a saree person at all. Its the last thing I would want to wear. But when Anamika Khanna made those chotu sarees, wearing them was all I could think of. A new and modern way of wearing a saree is so refreshing.

So today, making us drool over this modern approach to our very own saree is Miss Nandini Bhalla. For those who do not know who she is, she is the editor of our own magazine ‘ Cosmopolitan’. At her birthday which had a ‘mahabharat’ theme(how cool is that?), she dressed so amazingly in a Shantanu-Nikhil saree. As much as I love Shantanu-Nikhil’s saree, I loved how Ms.Bhalla wore it. She looked amazing. I am definitely going to wear my saree like this.
how pretty does she look?
Nandini, we love thy look.
Love thy look is a segment where I post looks donned by celebrities. The specialty of this segment is that I only post looks which are wearable. Its a means to show people how they can wear looks sported by celebrities in their day to day life.

MAX- Spring/Summer ’13


Spring is officially here and after the gloomy and dark winters all of us need a wardrobe intervention. Yes we all have our summer staples like the whites, neons and florals. But trends like monochrome, stripes, graphics rocked the runways this year. I need all of ’em in my wardrobe and so do you. But building a new wardrobe is definitely heavy on pocket. But that does mean we have to compromise on being trendy.

MAX clothing store is our knight in shining armor in this case. MAX’s spring/summer collection not only has reasonable clothes but also they are bang on trend. You will see a hell lot of neons, pastels, graphics, peplum and everything you like. And if you thought they only made fashionable clothes for the ladies, then you are absolutely wrong! They have a huge collection of stylish clothes for men and children as well.

floral and emerald green peplum with pops of neon
printed crop trousers( monochrome) and shorts
floral kurtis and bright coloured chappals and bags
pastels and pleated skirts
breezy colours with graphical prints
summer is incomplete without crisp white shirt and dresses. p.s love a guy who dresses like this!
high waist shorts and stripes
lovely colours
loving these shorts for men
how cute do these kids look? love the girl’s chappals

I know looking at all these pictures must have tempted you to buy all of them. I want to grab all of it. I cannot pick a favourite because I like everything.

You can visit their facebook page where they run really cool contests all the time- MAX fb page
You can also have a look at their website- here

So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest store and grab ’em all. After all ‘Its not JUST fashion!’

                                                                               Love, Sindhu