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So this dumbhead lazy (me), finally has a product review after ages. Its not that I haven’t bought anything, just that I’m too busy lazy to write a review. But then I thought I should stop being too LAZY and write a review.
I saw the ads of LAKME eyeconic kajal and the fact that Kareena was there, it tempted me a lot and so I went ahead and purchased this kajal.
RANGE- Eyeconic
This kajal is very smooth, which enables it to be used as an eye liner. Even though the texture is very smooth and creamy, it does not smudge very fast. The roll on stick is great. Its not very loose or tight and does not have the situation where it comes out but never goes back (like Maybelline). The packaging is black in colour and looks good and classy. I like its name, ‘EYECONIC’.
The kajal doesn’t smudge, and stays for atleast 6-7 hours and then starts wearing off. And yes its waterproof (win-win).
AVAILABILITY:   Its available in almost all stores, hence 4.5/5
WILL I REPURCHASE: Not anytime soon. There is nothing wrong in the product, but I’m in the mood of exploring new kajals. 3/5
All in all, it’s a good product. There is nothing I hate about the product, but there is nothing very great about it, except the fact that it can used as a kajal as well as an eye liner. The quantity is the only issue. But for that price, its decent. I shall buy it again after I will be done with exploring other brands.
But If you are looking for a decent priced, kajal cum eye liner, then go for it!
ITS NOT JUST FASHION, recommends Lakme eyeconic kajal!


September! Yes a crucial month. isn’t it? A month, a time, I never thought I would dread so much. I had hopes in my heart and thoughts on my mind which led me to you. It started with me asking you to show something that I always wanted to see and ended with your denial.

Now that September has ended, should I wake up? Should I think its over? Should I accept its over? Now that September has ended, should I give up on you?

I had imagined our life together, a small family living in a small house but with lots of love and happiness.Now  that September has ended should I wake up? Should I wake up from the beautiful things I had dreamt of? Every moment of the day is spent thinking about you. I have run the knife through my finger, used a conditioner instead of shampoo and what not thinking about you. Should I wake up now that September has ended? I spend nights battling, pushing away my thoughts to a place where they feel extinct. There is not a moment of my life which is not related to you. With you leaving, a part of me has gone. I have lost a major organ of my body, which has paralysed me and is making survival difficult than ever.

I never knew that life without me would have been an easier choice than staying with me and working on us. I just knew one thing, and that was that you loved me. But now that September has ended, should I wake up and believe that I was wrong?

I cannot hate you or can ever stop loving you. But I cannot live my life waiting for you. If you had loved me enough, you would have been there beside me for better or for worse. I believe that you loved me, but I cannot trust that you wont leave me. I don’t know if I can move on or even if I want to move on. A few weeks back, I could see everything clearly, now everything is bizarre. I wont stop myself and wait for you, I ll be walking forward. You have to take effort and walk to me. Just give me a sign and I shall be there.

You will always be in my prayers. I have always wanted your success and happiness. And even though September has ended, I shall not give up on your happiness. Every time you smile, I shall think God has listened to my prayers and is blessing me. So I’m waking up now that September has ended. I’m waking up to a new life. You can either be a part of it or not. The choice is yours.

                                                                     WITHOUT WAX

                                                                                                                     With love, To love, By love.


      Life is going through a rough patch, which means bad mood,bad health and a hell lot of bad things. So I decided to take a really short break and go out with my family on a teeni-tiny holiday.
As It was a 2 day trip, I was not ALLOWED to carry a lot of things. So as much as I wanted to carry my heels, I had to go with flats because ballet flats are comfortable and I had to do a lot of walking.

The mustard yellow is a colour which is very much in trend. We have seen that in the EMMY’S and so I decided to wear this top which has roman kinda sleeves and a sequined neckline. There is not a thing I dislike about it.
I wore it with my favourite black skinnies and ballet flats.

Gold accessories are best bet with yellow. And by now you all know ‘FALL’ is incomplete without the ‘oxblood’ colour, so I painted my nails with this gorgeous colour.

This red rose hair grip was love at first sight. I saw it and immediately purchased it. This was a perfect pop of red which my outfit demanded. Im wearing nude lips to keep things simple.

Top- Madame (gift)
Black skinnies- Levi’s
Bag- Miss sixty
Flats- Carlton London
Watch- Aldo
Bangles- Aldo
Rose hair grip- Ginger
On my lips- Coco chic (faces)