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Hello ladies and the rare gentlemen (excuse the expression). Today on ITS NOT JUST FASHION, I shall show you how one outfit can give you looks that would be apt for both day and night.
There are a lot of ways to turn the outfit like playing with accessories and changing something here and there.
Today I will show you how you could get 2 looks by doing 2 things-
1)By changing the bottom and accessories
2)By changing the top and accessories


All the three outfits were worn on 3 separate days.
The first one was for a casual outing. I wore the cardigan and this orange tank with

my favourite black skinnies and wore these leopard print shoes to add that extra thing which the outfit demands. plus its very comfortable to wear shoes when you know you have to walk a lot.

The second time I wore the tank and the cardigan with the drakest shade of brown pants and used a thin belt and a scarf to wrap my neck. It was a cold evening and it was just the perfect outfit for the evening. This can be worn in the day time too.

For the night look I wore this combo with a asymmetrical maxi skirt. For footwear I opted for heels, statement necklace, clutch, red lips and loads of accessories.See the entire post HERE.

So this is how a pair of cardigan and tank can be worn from day to night.


While earlier you saw how the different bottoms could give you a completely different outfit, now we have Miss. Padukone showing us how she styled  the same denim and a tank for both day and night. I loved the way it was styled. I don’t know if there was a stylist involved, but I definitely loved whatever she did.

For the day look she wore ripped denim,a simple tank and a minty blazer(saw a similar one in ZARA,may be its the same). She tied her hair up, opted for minimal make up, stacked those pretty bracelets and wore flats.
For the night, she just swapped her minty blazer for a black one, changed her footwear, i.e wore peeptoes, took a simple black clutch. She left her hair open and for the final touch, the red lips. Major love.
So you saw how one thing can be worn in different ways and just a change here and there can take the outfit from day to night.
I have learnt so many similar tricks. I hope this post has helped you see and learn the use of a particular thing in many ways.
Try these simple things and do let me know how you styled your clothes.


Hey all,
How have you all been?I hope you all had a great weekend. The second post of the new series ‘LOVE THY LOOK’ is here. You can find the first post HERE. I know this was supposed to be a sunday feature. But I’m extremely sorry for the delay. I had to attend an event which I was in one word ‘spectacular’. I shall share about it in a new post completely.
So this time we have the young ‘so-called’ actress (pun intented), SHAZAHN PADAMSEE. Her recent appearance is a screening was something I loved. The look was so effortless and stylish.

Floral top,blazer,black skinnies,red box satchel,nude peeptoes. Do we need to change something in the look? Absolutely no. But I feel a classic watch would have just completed it. Nevertheless I still love it.
Do you all? Share your opinions.


The DCW 2012 Day 2 showcased 3 designers Ashima-Leena,Anamika Khanna & Gaurav Gupta. All the three showed different kinds of collections.


This collection has been aptly named ‘Raag Rattan’ by the legendary celebrated Sufi singer Zila Khan, whose melodious and meserizing voice will enthrall the audience while bringing alive the soul of this collection. What beautiful music. I loved the idea of live singing in the show. The show stopper was Sharmila Tagore looking all pretty. These garments could be worn for the various wedding functions. Use of brocade,zardozi, beautiful embellishments and crystals. The use of shimmer was such a turn off. It made the garment look a little cheap. Else the collection was good.


What can I say, I loved her collection. She chose her favourite colour palette, i.e black and ivory. We also saw shades of blues and pastles. Amazing collection,great music. We finally could see jacket blouses, beautiful gold wire embroideries and differently tied sarees (what people call it chotu saree) and gararas. The fabric was so elegant with the use of nets and sheer. Major love!


I cannot comment on his collection. What the hell was he thinking? I plainly despise the collection. Have a look for yourself!


I loved her collection. Her collection was no different from other designers. The colour palette she chose was also the common colour palette of all the designers. The best thing about the show was that the eternally beautiful MADHURI DIXIT NENE was the show stopper. Can I say she is not allowed to look this pretty and make me feel bad. Stunning!


I’m sure all of us must have had high hopes with this guy. And he led everybody down by showcasing something exactly what he had shown last year. Even if it was fresh, I did not like it that much. I liked few pieces, but not the entire collection.I loved the colours and detailing. I am loving the use of aqua blue shades in the embroideries and the fabric.


Hey guys, I am sorry for the delay in posting this,but i’m back with a new series on the blog called ‘LOVE THY LOOK’. I shall be featuring one celebrity or any normal person whose look I loved. This shall be a weekly feature. I hope you guys have fun reading this post. Do give me feedback on the series.

Tisca Chopra is debuting in the series. Her recent look in the Lakme Fashion Week is something I loved. She dressed so appropriately for the show. She did a great thing by tying her hair. Statement necklace and minimal make up completed her look. What’s not to love? Its a win-win.

So what do you guys feel? Do you love her look?
Do comment and let me know.


As you all know I am not in delhi anymore. I have moved to my hometown which actually is a small town in Tamilnadu. As I have come here, I cannot wear my western clothes! Because its considered ‘ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘indecent’. In this 21st century we still cannot wear what we want. I know how to dress. I shall never wear shorts or skirts to temples or anywhere which might make people uncomfortable. But then when you are actually wearing decent clothes and even then people come and stare at you, what shall one do?
Once I went to buy few vegetables. I was wearing a kurti (which was not even close to being a deep neck) and leggings. An old lady came and adviced me, rather told me in front of a vendor to wear dupatta. I got so furious. I felt like slapping her. But she was old and I did not even tell her anything. She spoilt my image and respect in front a male vendor. That spoilt my image and not me not wearing a dupatta. I cannot wear a burkha and go to places. That’s not who I am. And I have seen a hell lot of tamilians coming and telling north Indian girls to dress properly. I’m sorry if I’m being linguistic, but this is a problem I have been facing since my childhood. Why should somebody bother about a person completely unrelated to you tell you what to and what not to wear. If you want the society to be good and help, then teach your freaking sons and husbands not to stare at girls.
When I was in the market, middle aged fat ass men were staring and making sounds. How cheap is that? I thought south india is safer as there are lesser rape cases when compared to north india. But I realized that these men do not have the balls to rape someone. They can sit and pass comments like idiots. So pissed off!
By this post I just mean to say that where should one draw a line? What does the society expect from a girl? What is dressing appropriately and decently? I seriously need answers!